Monday, May 28, 2012

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Because my mum is nothing if not a raging egomaniac, she chastised me recently in email format for not mentioning that she got to meet HRH Prince Charles and whatever-her-title-is Camilla during their royal tour of Toronto.

So there, I mentioned it!  No really, it was kind of a big deal.  And mum, for the record, I brag about you all the time to my colleagues at work.  I bragged when she won a Woman of Distinction Award from the Ontario Women's Directorate, I brag that she's so active in the Scarborough community, I brag about her being a lawyer with her own practice, I brag about her being on the board of the Trillium Gift of Life board, and I did brag about her meeting Chuck and Cammy.  I WAS worried that my mum, who has a tendency to pull out the fabulous whatever the occasion (ie. wearing stiletto bandage heels and slinging a Prada bag at my baby shower, which was like, white old lady Talbot's central), was going to over-dress, but she did her research.  She says that after seeing what Camilla was wearing on the tour, she dressed in business attire.

Thank goodness!

Still waiting on photos of her shaking hands with the horse-faced duo.  What IS it about British royals that makes them look so old?  I swear, Kate looks like she's 40-something.  I don't get it.  They love their old-looking women over there.  Same thing with Adele - can someone explain to me why a GIRL of like, 24 is dolled up to look like a 35 year old matron?  It makes no sense.  To put it in perspective, Emma Stone and Adele are like, the same age.  Another observation: not to generalize (which is the internationally accepted as the words that will ALWAYS IMMEDIATELY PRECEDE A GROSS, UNFAIR, AND USUALLY RACIST GENERALIZATION), but like, why is it that whenever I see an older woman of in her 40s with dyed fuchsia hair wearing like, a sailor style dress with contrasting piping, and she opens her mouth, she's almost always a Brit?  I feel like sailor-style dresses (like the kind you'd find at that store, Fresh Collective, in Toronto) are the dresses most likely to highlight age-inappropriateness from the wearer.  Sailor dresses are only for the very very young or the very very burlesque or rockabilly (if you even allow that being burlesque and rockabilly in this post-Suicide Girls age is okay, which I DO NOT).  And yet grown women with old faces for some reason LOVE to cavort around in them and it makes me die a little inside.

People with old faces who dress too young is a major issue of mine.  I AGONIZE over the age-appropriateness of what I'm wearing.  Obviously, if you look young, then all the power to you.  That's how Zooey's stylist is getting away with it.  But!  If you have an older face, then FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, dress your age!  It's okay!  They make luscious, lovely, gorgeous frocks for all ages!  It's very easy to be a super fresh older lady in this day and age.  To my mum's credit, when she pulls out the fabulousness, she nails it.  It can be done.


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