Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On an upswing

Well, after a series of gripe and complaint filled lunches with Dr. Rei, I'm feeling more myself, thank goodness.  It helps that I NAILED my work outfit today.  That JCrew pencil skirt, a sea-foam green t-shirt tucked in, a purple 3/4 sleeve cardigan - basically it was very Michelle-Obama-vacations-in-Palm-Springs-with-Lily-Pulitzer (read: preppy as all get out!).  See:

I think I just needed to wallow in self-pity and get down low in the dirt so I could realize how good I have it.  I have it very, very good, really.  I know it, too.

The Big Yam has continued his whining streak...I think he's just starting to push back a bit and realize his own agency.  He got what he wanted this weekend from being a sucky baby so he's been testing out the boundaries by continuing to be a sucky baby and crying and wanting to be picked up all the time.  We're taking a very low-key, matter-of-fact, not-negotiating-with-terrorists approach right now.  We're very calm and we keep repeating: "I don't understand you, tell Mama and Baba what you want" and then just letting him have his moment and rewarding him lavishly when he doesn't whine and asks nicely.  It's a tactic based on repetition and staying calm and kind of just like, expecting appropriate behaviour from him and being able to wait him out.  This doesn't always work, because life doesn't always afford you the time to get into a stalemate with a toddler (ie. the Dotytron waited half an hour on a side street yesterday because the Big Yam wanted to be picked up and the Dotytron wanted him to walk).  But when possible, we're trying to be consistent, reasonable, and not let emotions get the better of us.  He's been getting better about it every day, which helps.

I recently took two books out of the library:  Simplicity Parenting and Free Range Kids.  I'll report back on any useful tidbits from the books.

Yesterday was round 2 of postings - we'll see how it goes.  Wish us luck!

We've been having killer dinners lately.  Monday was pasta carbonara with whole wheat macaroni, 3 eggs, double smoked bacon lardons, grated pecorino AND parm, and fava beans that were lovingly shelled, blanched, and shelled again.  So good.  I could eat that all day, every day.

 Last night I ate leftover turky, tofu, and long beans in black bean garlic sauce over brown rice at work.

Tonight we had nachos!  With guacamole, cheddar, queso fresco, 2 kinds of salsas, chopped onions, and sour cream.

And because it's the beginning of rhubarb season, I kicked things off with a rhubarb brown butter crisp, with vanilla ice cream from Ed's Real Scoop.


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