Wednesday, May 09, 2012

In the grand tradition of me being a sucker

...for a pop lick, I'm currently obsessed with this song:

LOL!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?  Meanwhile, I'm the one pooh-poohing Gotye (or as I call him, Peter Gabriel lite), like, every second I get.

It's like the second coming of Party in the USA.  Now I'm going to play that on repeat.

Finally, because I'm eternally a sucker for country harmonies, I'm ready to admit that I'm kinda seriously into Mumford and Sons:

Looks like me and "moochie face" Carey Mulligan have something in common!  Ha! Although I seriously have issues with the giantness of Marcus Mumford's face.  There's just a lot of face going on there.  I know, I'm a horrible person.  

Think I found my summer jam, kids ("Call Me Maybe" not "The Cave")  Phew.  So glad I have that in the bag.  I was getting kinda worried for a sec.

Tonight was me and the Yam all day. Just us. Real talk.  

I made us a dinner of macaroni tossed with peas, mint, creme fraiche and lemon.  And a big helping of my "Olive Garden" salad.


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