Tuesday, April 03, 2012

When you find yourself in times of trouble...

the answer to lifting your spirits is usually amigurumi.  You know, those super-cute, wee, Japanese crocheted or knitted stuffies.  The ultimate in spirit-lifting would logically be the entire main cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation in amigurumi form, obviously!

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  *dies*  Whoever made these came to the sound decision to do late-series bearded Riker.  Also, Data's eyes are the best.  The best episodes were all the holodeck Sherlock Holmes ones, followed closely by anything involving the Borg.

Uhhhhh...yeah.  I'm done being a giant nerdliner, thanks.

Actually, not quite.  So I went to see The Hunger Games a second time with Dr. Rei which was obviously the hardest thing in the world for me to do because the movie doesn't hold up to repeat viewings.  Just kidding!  April Fool's!  Opposite day lasted for just the preceding sentence!  IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME THE SECOND TIME AROUND.  The best was getting to hash it out with Dr. Rei after, when she said that, "the one major complaint I have, and I know it's a small one, is that they didn't focus on the FOOD enough!"  LOL!  So then we started talking about the lamb stew with plums that Katniss loved so much and Dr. Rei was talking about the "pearly grains of polished rice" that I didn't even remember but that apparently made a huge impression on her.  So funny.  I love that girl.

Soooooooo...we got an iPad.  I know, I know.  We're not even like, app-y people.  But I'm semi-addicted to the nerdiest game ever (STILL not done being a giant nerdlinger!), which is this spelling/word jumble game called Word Warp.  On Saturday, before the movie, I think I managed to get Dr. Rei hooked on it as well, resulting in her saying (when Word Warp refused to accept a perfectly legitimate word), "this has the paws of Word Mole [a word game on the Blackberry] all over it!"  LOL!!!  We like letting the Big Yam play sneaky learning games on it.  It's kind of blowing his mind that his favorite app, I Hear Ewe (where you touch cartoon pictures of animals and this disjointed, supremely disaffected male voice says, "This is the sound a rhinoceros [raccoon, zebra, frog, etc] makes" followed by a real life recording of the animal sound), is so much bigger than it is on the Ipod touch.  He's loving life.  As an aside: zebras make CRAZY sounds.  Like, if you were to imagine what a zebra sound liked, you'd think horselike, right?  WRONG!  They kind of make these weird, keening, "yip yip!" noises.  It's bizarre.  Knowledge I wouldn't have without I Hear Ewe.  I'm loving life because I get to spend my before-reading bed time playing Word Warp times a billion.  And because now I can get the iPad-only version of Gourmet magazine.  That's basically all I use it for.  The Dotytron has been obsessed with playing this learn Cantonese game that I downloaded for the Big Yam.  It's super-cute.  He gets SO MAD when he doesn't get it right and he's SO HAPPY when he does get a few in a row right and they let you pick one of the "stickers" to put on the sticker page.

We've been talking about getting one forever and when we finally decided to pull the trigger, the Dotytron was asking me what we should get engraved on the back (if anything) and I immediately said: "San Dimas High School Football Rules" and he paused and said, "I knew there was a reason I married you."  LOL!


Okay.  I think I'm done nerdlinger-ing out.  The other thing that totally raised my spirits today was going for a Kenzo Ramen lunch with MHui, G, and Dr. Rei.  Mmmmm...tonkotsu ramen with gyoza and takoyaki (fried octopus balls).

Other things that make me happy?  The other day, the Big Yam was in his high chair and we were in the kitchen getting breakfast put away.  We always make a point of kissing each other in front of him and then saying, "See? Mama and Baba love each other."  So we stood in the doorway of the kitchen and I called out to the Boobla, "Hey Master T!  Look!  Mama and Baba love each other." and we gave each other a smooch and we turned to look at him and he was sitting there, with both hands holding the far edge of the tray like he was bracing himself, and BEAMING at us with this big, silly, stupid, pleased grin on his face.  It was the funniest thing I've ever seen.  

I went for a run today.  DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN.  I'm getting semi-serious about success.  And by success I mean getting back into a regular routine of yoga, and running so that my heart doesn't explode during softball.  I still hate running.  I think I always will.  If it wasn't for old skool jungle mixes on the Toronto Rave Mixtape archive, I wouldn't last a second.  I have very very modest goals - 5 km in 30 minutes.  And if I don't meet that goal, I will be negative 10 trillion degrees upset.  See?  Reach for the stars!  Or reach for the closest piece of fried chicken!  Whatever floats your boat.

Work continues to be buzaaaay.  My colleagues be wigging.  Me?  I like being busy...and I like feeling the presh.  It's good.  I'm falling behind on school work...but it's still all good.  Getting so excited for my long weekend of fun (please, Captain Save-a-Ho...don't break down on us!)

Tonight E came over for dinner.  We had mulligatawny soup with red lentils and brown rice and coconut milk, and samosas from Bombay Chowpatty, this place close to us that specializes in chaat.


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dr. rei said...

Can you believe we almost missed Hunger Games thanks to Word Warp?!

"Just one more game and then we'll go...JUST ONE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE...OOORE...ORE..RE..E"(echo fading out)