Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The weird language

When we were hanging at the Dotytron's Aunt's place on Sunday, the Big Yam was being a little clingy for some reason (possibly because he was getting assaulted by dog licks) and didn't want to do anything but sit on my lap.  He started pointing at one of their pot lights, and Momma D goes, "what does he call them again?  He's has this weird language"  LOL!!!  For the record, he calls them "dang dang" which is Cantonese for a lamp or light.  So awesome.  I'm not offended because it comes from a well-intentioned, if a little ignorant place.  I mean, I really don't think my mother-in-law is racist.  Haha!  It's only going to get weirder when we enroll in family Mandarin classes.  

The Dotytron is against 99% of extracurricular programming for children before a certain age.  He thinks it's a waste of money and (more importantly) a waste of his weekend time to be schlepping a kid to go to "music classes" (ie. song and story circles) or like, "playball" or something.  I'm indifferent.  I didn't get enrolled in non-swimming programming until I was in like, the junior grades and my mum and Big D needed somewhere to take us during summer vacation.  Wait, I might have done ballet for a year or two when I was 5 or 6.  The Dotytron's number 1 enemy is paying for music classes.  Number 2 enemy is parent and tot swimming where you're paying to be in a pool to teach your kid how to blow bubbles in the water.  The only children's extracurricular programming the Dotytron is willing to exert any energy over is a weekend language class (which will most likely be Mandarin).  MHui has been scaring the craps outta me because she's saying that secondary language acquisition peters out for kids by age SIX.  AGE SIX!!! I'm ramping up my Cantonese speaking to the Big Yam.  I only wish I was better at speaking Cantonese and had another language to teach, too!  One of the Big Yam's friends at daycare has a mom who only speaks French to him and a dad who only speaks Spanish.  And then he get English from everyone else.  He's slow to talk but it's all in there.  He's a pretty lucky kid!  His mom speaks French to the Boobla, too.  Which is good.  

Three posts in a row!  I'm on a roll!  

I woke up stupid early this morning to prep dinner, which was oyster po' boys with remoulade on my favorite buns of life - the rolls sold at Strickland's.  They're soft, yielding, flour dusted, perfection.  We had this with a ceasar salad so I had to soak the oysters, make the croutons, prep the romaine, and make the remoulade.  I also boiled and peeled 8 eggs for on-the-road egg salad sandwich breakfast for us.  I know, I'm insane.  But look at the results:

So worth it. Milk soaked, egg dredged, flour-and-cornmeal-paper-bag-shook oysters, fried crisp, and piled on a soft bun smeared with remoulade and some salad greens courtesy of E's winter CSA food share that she gifted us with last night.  AND ceasar salad?  Happiness!  

I also made my current favorite breakfast.  It's this egg sandwich thing from Deb from Smitten Kitchen by way of Joanna Goddard's A Cup of Jo blog.  It's supposed to be a homemade rendition of a NYC bodega egg sandwich.  I wouldn't know what that tastes like, because when I travel to NYC, eating from a bodega is the last thing on my mind.  Bodega eating is for NYC residents only, I believe.  Anyway, I took one look at the pictures and thought: GENIUS!  So easy!  I've been using a slice off a block of aged cheddar for the cheese in the middle and 2 eggs (no water) for my 9" cast iron pan...but that makes for a bit of a thicker egg pancake which is a little harder to fold, so in the future, I'm going to be more restrained and go with just 1 egg.

Seriously, ^^^ that right there, sandwiched between the two halves of a lightly toasted Pita Break One Bun is a damn good breakfast.  

Trying to get some packing done tonight.  Strangely dreaming of a vacation to Austin and San Antonio?!??? Who's in?  Chef H: I'm looking in your direction.


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