Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend photo recap

Busy, but enriching weekend.  On Friday night we took Momma D and Ehmdo to dinner at Pizzeria Libretto on the Danforth for Momma D's birthday.  I really love Libretto, especially the Danforth iteration, which takes reservations.  The food is consistent, the menu is appetizing, the food is well-executed, and the price is fair.  You can have a really nice meal for two with booze, all-in for under $100.  

The gnocchi fritti.  Little crispy balls of fried semolina (I think) gnocchi, with rosemary and a lemon cream smear on the bottom.


The porchetta appetizer.  I love this.  Pork belly, atop a square of their pizza dough, with chinotto (!!!) barbecue sauce, a tangle of arugala, cippolini onions, and best of all, thin slices of thai bird chilies.  Soooo good.

The Dotyron's salad of pancetta, arugala, pear, walnuts, brussels sprouts and a deep fried poached egg.

The Big Yam wearing Ehmdo's glasses.  He picked his own shirt to wear to daycare that day.  I figured that since I control every aspect of his life and tell him no so often, it's important to give him moments to have some agency.

We went to Riverdale Farm on Saturday and visited Poppa D at the Necropolis.  We saw all the animals running around.  The Big Yam was afraid of the chickens, which was kind of cute.  We also asked him what a cow says and he said, slowly and all sing-songy, "cooooooooooowww" and then followed it up with "mooo."  So cute!

On Saturday night we had S-Dawg over for dinner.  I made us a Passover-like meal of braised brisket with carrots and mushrooms.  Steamed green beans and a poppyseed kugel.  I made David Lebovitz's Chocolate Idiot Cake, which is flourless, rich, decadent, and dead easy.  It's embarrassingly easy and the results are to die for.  Served it with a dollop of crème fraîche to cut the richness a bit.  I can't stress enough what fantastic results this cake produces...it's definitely a recipe keeper.

Sunday morning brought a visit from this lil' lady with the cheeks that launched a thousand ships and the happiest, sweetest, open mouthed, sweet-lipped smile I've ever seen.

Coincidentally, it was National Eggs Benedict Day and I happened to make us tater tots eggs benny with crisped pancetta, avocado, and a lemony hollandaise.

Also, this happened.  All together now: awwwwwww!  

Sunday night we had dinner with K-Town and Bwonger and Dr. Rei at Banjara on Bloor West.  It was meh.  The food wasn't super-tasty, it was kind of expensive, and we got hosed into ordering too many parathas which were dry, wheaty, not that flaky, and not buttery enough.  We followed it up by heading to Menchie's for dessert.  Menchie's is a s**tshow.  Too many flavours, too many add-ins and the yogurt tastes really artificial.  I much prefer the fro-yo at Yutopia instead.  The taro flavour there is sooo good!  However, the trip to Menchie's did result in a lot of Dr. Rei lines about "Menchiewood" and how Menchie was way too into Menchiewood for his own good.

The Big Yam, as I've already mentioned, has a super-cute relationship with his Tai Poh (my Poh Poh).  They're basically like, best buds.  The last time we took her out for dinner with us, we dropped her off at home, I walked her to the door, and when I got back in the car, the Boobla lost his s**t.  He started crying and crying and calling out "Poh Poh! Poh Poh!" and was inconsolable for most of the ride home.  I think he thought we were getting out with her.  It was adorable slash heartbreaking.  Anyway, the Dotytron drew it to my attention the other day that the Big Yam has taken to kissing the photo of my grandma and grandpa that we keep in the living room.  So f**king cute, guys!


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