Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summer style

STOP THE PRESSES.  I just bought the most flattering, awesome, sexy, flirty bathing suit ever!  Yes, I have a *bit* of a bathing suit buying problem.  I have like, a million bikinis.  But what is a 30-something year old supposed to do when you're taking your kid to the pool and you don't want to be hot to trot, letting it all hang out?  You get a retro, 50s style, halter with ruching and a sweet, low-cut bottom that makes you look like Natalie Woods waiting for James Dean, that's what.  This suit flatters EVERYONE.  I convinced Dr. Rei to get a similar style like, 6 years ago and it's still her go-to.  So I finally broke myself of my two-piece addiction and jumped into one-piece-ville and I LOVE THIS SUIT!  It's so cute on!  I really wanted something I could wear when I'm like, at the neighbourhood pool or like, at the cottage with my mother-in-law where I don't look like the neighbourhood tramp.  Not that there's anything wrong with looking like the neighbourhood tramp (why else am I getting up in the morning to run, if not to get myself into bikini-ready form?), but it's just not *always* appropriate.  Anyway, this suit is totally adorable and I'm pretty sure it would look good on everyone, which is why it was the go-to shape way back when, when women were allowed to be curvy and round.  Or in my case, flat-chested and boyish, in which case the gathering and boning around the bust gives the impression of curves.

I also just panic-purchased 2 more pairs of those Gap, really skinny black pants because I suddenly got all nervous that they were going to discontinue them or something and then I'd be SCREWED because I wore my one pair like, a million times this past year.  They were my go-to pants.  I can't say enough about how awesome these pants are.  Do you want something that looks good at work, with a blazer, a t-shirt, a sweater, a tunic top, with flats, heels, boots, or sneakers?  DO YOU?  Well you should!  Because if you DON'T, you're crazy!  So comfortable, so snug, more substantial than leggings, great material, perfect amount of stretch, wears in perfectly.  If Gap discontinues these pants, they're idiots.

This skirt is also on my radar.  Ever since I missed out on the pleated circle skirt from the Jason Wu for Target collaboration, I've been wanting a sweetly retro, full pleated skirt that would look so sharp with a crisp white short-sleeved blouse tucked in.  This one might be a little too self-consciously retro for me.  Also, I'm on a bit of a clothes buying diet.

I'm currently obsessed with looking like a lady.  Obsessed!  This is actually a long-running fixation that started lo so many years ago with my Marc Jacobs love.  Sweet rounded collars, tie necks, ruffles, prim buttons, and blouses, blouses, blouses galore!  Sheer blouses are huge right now.  I love mustard yellow - such a great neutral!  Goes well with navy, white, jeans, black, grey.  

This is the Des Colores blouse.  I already have it in a sapphire/teal sheer...but this blouse is sooo flattering!  I love it.  Granted, you have to wear a lot of layers underneath - bra, cami, then the blouse.  It definitely makes you need to upgrade your underwears.  All this dressing like a lady has me on the search for a SLIP! A SLIP!  What is this - Mad Men?!??!  As you can see, they also make the Des Colores blouse in solids...but the kelly green is the only colour I'd consider.  Otherwise, sheer all the way.

You can definitely see that I'm stuck on a certain refrain, here.  Soft, sheer, feminine, bold colours, fluttery sleeves (which are different from cap sleeves.  Cap sleeves - almost universally unflattering.  Fluttery sleeves - almost universally flattering).  

Finally, because I am either into dressing like a lady or into dressing like a 70s hippie mama (I just spent an hour bookmarking vintage muumuus), here is another more casual top for weekends, jeans, hanging out at the playground without looking like a tart.'s so satisfying cataloguing clothes I like.  It's satisfies the urge to buy without resulting in any spending.  That's why Pinterest is so successful, I guess.
Last night for dinner we had that Greek mac'n'cheese from Saveur magazine.  I did all the prep (sautéeing the spinach, grating the kefalotyri, etc.and the Dotytron put it together (making the bechamel, cooking the pasta).  I doubled the recipe for all the parts and used 2 boxes of whole wheat macaroni.  Has anyone else noticed that whole wheat pasta comes in smaller quantities than like Di Cecco or Barilla?  Like a box of Di Cecco macaroni is always 500 grams but a box of Cavatelli whole wheat macaroni is only 300-something grams.  Weird.  Anyway, it worked out well.  2 (300-something) boxes of whole wheat macaroni yielded 3 8" square casserole dishes of the macaroni and cheese.  We ate one last night and got to freeze 2 for the week.  Perfect!  That makes the time worthwhile.  I LOVE this dish.  It's creamy, cheesy, salty.  I love the freshness of the dill with the spinach.  I love the crispy breadcrumb topping.  So good.

Tonight we were supposed to have croque hermaphrodite...but the Dotytron went rogue and started improvising in the kitchen and it all went sideways.  I'm proud of myself, though: he still lives to tell the tale.


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