Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sooooo much dramas!

*My head asplodes* the sketchy neighbours we share the driveway with (we call her Mad Eye Moody for reasons that would be evident if you dear readers, were to ever see her in real life), got a dog.  No big deal, it's just another check off the ol' adhering-to-low-income-stereotypes list.  Of COURSE they got a husky-german shepherd mix.  OF COURSE.  OF COURSE they don't walk the dog, ever, and just let it run loose.

So a few neighbours had already asked her to keep her dog on a leash.  I don't particularly care about that, but what I *do* care about is her dog pooping on our side of the back area (which is one big open area until we can put up a fence).  What the Dotytron certainly cares about is NOT stepping in a pile of dog poop (he had shoes on, thank goodness!) on our deck when he goes to take out the trash/recycling/whathaveyou.

Anyway, we asked her a few times to please pick up after her dog.  I still find dog poop, so I talked to the tenant relations person that manages the property. Contemporaneously, our one busy-body neighbour called animal control on Mad Eye (independent of us).  So the Dotytron goes out back to put out some green waste yesterday and finds our garbage, recycling, and green bins on Mad Eye's side of the yard.  When he opens up our green bin (which, if you recall, I spray painted, along with our garbage and recycling bin, with our address and the words, "fire walk with me" when we first moved in, which PREDATES Mad Eye moving in by a whole year), what does he find?  Loose dog poop.  Unbagged.  Sitting in OUR green bin.

So he's obviously pissed off.  Mad Eye comes home from an outing and they have a discussion, where she gets all wrangy because animal control was called on her (again: not by us!) and accuses us of STEALING her recycling and garbage bin.  According to her, they're given an ID number and the ones we have been using are not ours and are hers.  I'm like, "you crazy!" because the dog poop has nothing to do with the bin stealing, but whatevers.  I call Toronto's universal line, 311, and as it turns out, our garbage can ISN'T ours! The recycling can is ours, the green bins are like everyone's - they're not given a unique identifier.  So according to the rep I talked to at the City, the City is "opening an investigation" into our M.I.A. bin which will be concluded WITHIN THIRTY DAYS, at which point, if they can't find my bin (and let's think about this here: what are they going to do?  CSI that shiz?  Put up signs?  Take statements?), they send me a replacement one.  I'm like, "where am I supposed to put my garbage for a month?" and the rep is all like, "who said that? Is that a crazy talking squirrel?" So whatever.  

I go over to Mad Eye's house and tell her what I learned.  She explains, in her Mad Eye Moody way, that she was angry cuz she thought we called animal control (and I assured her we didn't) and she thought we hated dogs.  I explain that I have no problem with dogs, but the reason I don't have a dog is because I don't want to pick up dog poop, so you can imagine how frustrating it is to NOT have a dog and STILL have to deal with dog poop.  Anyway, she calmed down and seemed reasonable about it.  She was also mad that I contacted the property management person but I was like, well look, we'd already asked you a few times and you hadn't done we didn't know what to do..." and she's all like, "well, I'd appreciate you telling me because every time they get a complaint I get a mark next to my name" and I kinda clucked sympathetically but internally I was like, "well, BE NORMAL ABOUT STUFF THEN!" but obviously I didn't say that.  So she agreed to clean out our green bin for us and that was that.

I was mentally exhausted from it all yesterday.  It was just too much!  Thankfully we had an episode of Game of Thrones to watch, which I washed down with one of two (!) free coconut waters Dr. Rei and I scored on our lunchtime walk yesterday.  I was also feeling down because we had that crappy dinner the Dotytron had made.  It was an unsatisfying night with a happy ending in the form of coconut water and fantasy political intrigue.

Tonight was Friday Night Takeout Night, so we checked out this new place my neighbour (a totally normal neighbour) hepped me to, called Leslieville Pumps.  They took over this old convenience store attached to a gas station and put in a new façade, but I had thought that the inside was still gas-station convenience store, with a new old timey country store outer. As it turns out, they've turned it into a store/take out restaurant serving smoked brisket and stuff.  We got the smoked brisket sammy (with fried onions), the pulled pork sammy (with coleslaw), and the smoked chicken sammy (with arugala and tomato).  We also got poutine, and coleslaw and cornbread muffins.  Everything was really, really good!  I have small quibbles, the barbecue sauce is applied a little too heavily and it's a bit of a one-note sauce...a sweet Kansas-city style that's a little too sweet for my personal taste.  But the coleslaw is fantastic - nice celery seed seasoning, perfect amount of light mayo dressing, great texture, and only SIXTY CENTS A PORTION!  The poutine features fresh cut fries, and real curds.  I wasn't a fan of the cornbread muffins, but that's because I really prefer my own cornbread.  This version wasn't too sweet and had pieces of fresh corn.  All in all, my quibbles were small (rhyme!), for a barbecue option that's so close, is out of a gas station, and is run by really well-intentioned, well meaning people who seemed super-hype on their project and receptive to input and constructive criticism (the owner/chef came in and was super-cute and was asking a local rubbie what he thought of the renos and was super-friendly with us).  I just think it's so cute.  The gas station part is overseen by this sweet Sri Lankan couple and apparently they're going to offer late-night curry (made by the Sri Lankan couple).  So cute!!!

I'm so pumped tonight is Friday, guys.


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