Friday, April 27, 2012

I promise you

...that this lil' old space 'pon the web of mine won't devolve into a rundown of all my running activities.  Because I fully know that that is the BORINGEST thing that could EVER possibly happen in life.  But!  This morning I went for my 3.5km route which I heretofore have been completing in about 22 minutes.  And this morning I did it in 17.  That's weird, right?  Like, I do one 5km and all of a sudden my body is like, "oh, so that's what we're doing now?" and I can breeze through 3.5km?  Weirded out!  I think it's all psychological.  I LOATHE running with every fiber of my being and I always run the same route that is exactly my 3.5 or 5km or whatever.  So I think that changing the end point and extending the run just tricked my body into pushing through the first part of it, faster.  If only I could do the same thing with portion control, then I wouldn't ever have to run again!

Last night we engaged in the rare act of having friends over for dinner on a weeknight.  It was kind of a big deal.  We had my friend H and her new beau J over for dinner.  They're veggies so I made us shakshuka eggs with roasted cauliflower and asparagus and a caramel cake for dessert:

I over-baked the caramel cake.  Whoops.

Then we watched the second episode of Girls.  Still kind of meh about it.  I don't really get why everyone is saying that it's so "real" when Zosia Mamet's character is so overdrawn it's like she's been photoshopped in from another show entirely.  Yeah, I get it - Dunham is okay getting down starkers and letting it all hang out...but you can't build a show on that gimmick alone.  I'm pro letting people of all shapes and sizes be on TV, but I'm not loving Dunham's face in general.  I just don't want to look at it for long periods of time - does that make me a bad person?!?  Also, aside from the random "heh" now and then, the show just doesn't turn my crank.  I'd much rather watch New Girl, from which I'm guaranteed to get some chuckles.  It's pretty telling that the Dotytron keeps clamoring to watch Downton Abbey.  This from the say guy who regaled us at the dinner table last night with a fully fleshed-out highly detailed synopsis of the plot of Short Circuit 2.  LOL!  So funny.  He makes me laugh so much.

Other good ideas from the Dotytron: I was mentioning to H & J my issues with the gendered marketing to kids and how we know that person who makes her kid into a mini-Barbie doll and it's so disturbing and the Dotytron thought we should totally do a photo shoot with the Big Yam where we put him in head-to-toe pink and give him lipstick and paint his fingernails and put one of those "headbands with the giant puffballs" on him and then get Ehmdo to take photos.  LOL!  So funny!

H's new beau owns a store, Ransack the Universe, and apparently the two of them go to estate sales all the time, which sounds like the FUNNEST!  So I think we're going to join them one Saturday in the near future.  Who knows what kind of goodies you'll find?!?  Y'all know how much I loves me a good junk store find.  Speaking of which, this store, Ethel, is moving to Corktown.  Sadface.  I'm going to drag the boys this weekend and see if there are any vintage glass/barware or other tchotchkes to be scooped up for cheap.  I feel like some of the vintage furniture stores that I love in Leslieville are starting to move to cheaper locations as rent goes higher in keeping with the increase in gentrification.  It's too bad...but I guess there's nothing you can do about it.  It's a cycle that's bound to repeat itself.  As long as we don't turn into Bloor West Village or the Beaches (which I think is exceedingly unlikely), then I'm okay with it...especially if it just means that more and more restaurants are going to open up, I guess.

The other day the Big Yam was sitting with our neighb's kid, who is the closest in age to Master T on the street (she's 5 weeks younger).  They were both sitting on a concrete step and the Big Yam started off with stroking her hair, and touching her hands, and then leaning in for a kiss!  LOL!  All he ever tries to do is sneak kisses of other babies.  It's pretty cute/heartbreaking, because he's always being rebuffed.  I keep remembering how he would wait for Little Big Cuz to turn around and then try to toddle over and sneak a kiss onto Little Big Cuz's back.  He definitely didn't pick up my misanthropy.

Imagine how many rainbows and unicorns exploded out my heart when I came home from work today and saw this on the dining room table:

I'm like, "what's that?" and the Dotytron says, "that's his bean."  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HE SPROUTED A BEAN, GUYS!  I don't know why I find it so unbearably cute, but it just is, aight?  It's just so heart-tuggingly adorable to picture a bunch of barely-talking toddler sprouting beans.  I feel like the only thing cuter would be a bunch of septuagenarians also sprouting beans.  For some reason, I feel like the age-appropriate kid (like, a 6 year old) sprouting a bean is gross and not endearing at all.  LOL!  I'm such a weirdo.

Today was Dr. Rei's birfday so I took her out for a hilarious and filling Kathmandu all you can eat Indian buffet lunch, stuffing myself so much with curried goat and butter chicken and way too much starch that I was emitting audible groans at my desk and couldn't eat dinner tonight.  

Now I'm about to settle down with my dear Dotytron for some Downton Abbey and Friday night luxuriating.


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