Monday, April 23, 2012

I forgot

...that I'm boring.  Also, I forgot to add that the funniest thing Mad Eye Moody said about the garbage bins was that, "well, I have a friend who knew the people who used to live in my house and he said that THEY were the ones that spray painted 'come walk with me' on the bins."  I was like, UHHHH...100% FALSE.  Rude fact: that's a line from Twin Peaks, so if the previous people who lived there (who we knew and who had the semi-charming habit of having bi-yearly domestics in the street) spray painted a Twin Peaks quote onto their garbage, recycling and green bins, then I will EAT the bins and the can of spray paint.


Oh, Mad and your mad eye are such a mad, mad, mad...eye.

Anyway.  Weekend was a relaxing/buck combo.  I had the Friday post locked and loaded and then didn't get to pull the trigger because things were so busy.  What were they busy with?  Let's see...Saturday was grocery shopping and keeping the Boobla occupied so that the Dotytron could work on his resume and cover letter for the first wave of job postings that will be coming down the pipeline shortly.  This is after a bomb-diggity breakfast I made featuring challah French toast that I dipped in the usual French toast batter but then chased with a quick dredge of one side in Momofuku's cornflake crunch.  And THEN I pan-fried that in some butter. freakin' delicious!  The cornflake crunch is a perfect balance of sweet, salty, buttery texture, so adding it to French toast is so extra.  Served with some fried peameal.  

Then SMcKay came over and gave us family haircuts and witnessed me and the Dotytron getting into a screaming fight about the creation of the Tupac hologram.  I was like, "they built that from scratch" and the Dotytron was like, "no, the technology isn't there to do that, they took existing concert footage - that's why it looks so real" and I'm like, "I'm pretty sure you can build a CGI person" and then the Dotytron got all patronizing like, "you're an idiot, do you even know what a hologram is?" and we were getting increasingly pissy about it, until I found the following quote (or a similar one):

“This is not based on archival footage,” says Ed Ulbrich, chief creative officer at Digital Domain. “This is not him performing at some point. This a completely original, exclusive performance only for Coachella and that audience.” In other words, it’s a digital likeness of Tupac designed to interact with his co-performers and the crowd. At one point, Tupac even shouts “What the f— is up, Coachella!” even though the music festival didn’t exist until three years after his death." 

So of course I was like, "EAT IT, YOU IDIOT!" and then I got 'pon the iPad and played this:

and we all practically cried, laughing.  Because this ^^^ is obviously the best.  Love my haircut!  Love the trimmy trim trim that SMcKay gave the Big Yam...he looks so cute with his neat little crop.  I made us eggplant parmesan for dinner - this new, lighter, easier way, where you roast thick slices of eggplant instead of breading and frying them, layer them with homemade tomato sauce, basil, and slices of fresh mozzarella and then top it with breadcrumbs that get crispy in the oven:
It was aces.  Sunday morning we got up at the buttcrack of dawn (or it felt like that anyway) to go swimming and then we went to take my mum and Poh Poh out for an early dim sum brunch.  Then BACK downtown to help Momma D weed and prune her garden, and then home for the afternoon.  On our way home we stopped and got the jogging attachment for our Chariot bike trailer and went for a family run, which was basically the dorkiest thing ever.  We hated ourselves while doing it, but it's the only way we're going to be able to BOTH fit running into our schedule - if we have the flexibility to take him with us, it makes it a lot more feasible.  But we hated ourselves for being such colossal Mountain Equipment Co-Op-y dorks.  The good thing is: the tires on the jogging attachment are serious, which will be nice when we take the Chariot to the beach or through the snow (assuming we ever get snow again in Toronto).  Then Momma D came over for dinner:

I made us roast chicken, with duck-fat roasted tatties, roasted asparagus, and brussels sprouts steamed and tossed with mustard, olive oil and lemon.  Mona's Mother's Mother's cookies with cornflake crunch and other odds and sods for dessert.

For dim sum we went to Chili Secrets and it was sooo good!  They have all kinds of yummytown Sichuan dumplings (lamb and carrot, wontons with chili oil!) and most importantly, they serve one of my FAVORITE desserts of all time, which is steamed ginger milk pudding.  Basically, a bowl of softly set, lightly sweetened with sugar and smelling of ginger juice.  It is the food of my dotage, calling it now.  Through some magical alchemy, if you mix milk and ginger juice together the ginger juice will cause the milk to set, just-so.  Is there anything more comforting in the world?  If I'm ever laid up, I want a big bowl of steamed ginger milk pudding that I can rest on my belly and have spoon-fed to me.  MARK THESE WORDS.  

THEN we went to our buddy A's CD release part at The Rex.  Are you keeping count?  That was like, six activities in ONE Sunday.  Which means I was a zombie at work all today.

Sometimes I feel like a total lamewad when we haven't seen people in a while and they're like, "so, what's new?" I NEVER know how to answer that question!  We Skyped with Ehmdo on Friday night and she asked what was new and I feel like I always disappoint her with how boring our lives are.  But I don't like, feel our lives are's just not like, news-worthy in the way BIG EVENTS are news worthy.  Like, I'm not getting hitched, having a baby, buying a house, travelling, and having people die every second (THANK GOODNESS!)  I think once you hit a certain point in your life, things settle into a bit of a routine, which means less of the peaks and valleys of BIG NEWS events and more just like, the Dotytron working on a new composition or me starting to cut pieces for a new quilt or the Big Yam helping us with Momma D's garden (so cute by the way - it's so funny how at a certain age, they're just like, "oh we're doing this now?" and just do their own thing.  We started working in her garden and I gave him a trowel and he just worked on this project of his own devising [moving pebbles from the garden into a planter.]  It's just so cute how they become autonomous little people.)  I mean, my new quilt is terribly exciting for ME, but I can see how it's not that exciting for other people.  And my job is terribly exciting (I think) but it's not glamorous.  

I guess it depends on who I'm talking to.  Most of my friends don't do the "what's new" thing - we just start riffing or talking about current events, what have you.  I do feel like I'm a colossal disappointment though when someone asks me "what's new?" and I inevitably freeze up.  I guess my point is: stuff doesn't have to be new all the time?!?!  And I get weird performance anxiety when someone asks what's new because I like, can't immediately come up with a snappy reply with something super-fun and exciting!  Other than my new quilt...which I really do believe is super-fun and exciting.  It's my own quasi-design.  I didn't have enough material to use an online template so I downloaded some Cartesian graph paper and went to town drawing out and doing my stupid calculations.  I've said it before but I'll say it again: if I had only known as a young buck how much math I would need for sewing - I would have stuck it out all the way through to OAC.  As it is...I'm making sure that the Big Yam grows up in a house of math, not a house of Tupac (that's a line courtesy of Dr. Rei's dad.)  

Tonight was a fridge-clearing choose your own adventure dinner.  I had dinner at work because I was working the night shift.



jenny jen jen said...

OMG, the dreaded "what's new" question!! I feel the exact same way!! Like, I feel like we get up to tonnes of stuff and we're always busy but I have NOTHING to report when that question is asked. UGH!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

LOL! I'm so glad you feel the same way...I was worried that we were disappointing you and Tillers when we had you over! Two boring new parent couples with nothing new to share = our lives.