Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Kinda chuffed guys.  I ran my first 5km (in life) today!  In 33 minutes, no stopping!  That's pretty dece, I think? My motivation was our impromptu Pizzeria Libretto dinner last night.  And the Ed's Real Scoop ice cream chaser.  And the three mini-bags of chips that I broke down and bought from the work cafeteria yesterday when I was getting all stressed out with my question workload and how I had to once again break it to someone that there is NO MAGIC GIANT DATABASE IN THE SKY WITH EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER WANTED TO KNOW ALL CAPTURED USING THE EXACT SAME METHODOLOGY IN IT.

Thank goodness that magic database doesn't exist, because if it did, while my job would be easier, I probably wouldn't have a job anymore.

Phew.  Let's take a little conspicuous consumption breather, shall we?  I WANT THIS DRESS:

I want it SOOOOO bad.  Because I love a gentle A-line shape.  Because I love a cute military button detail.  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours!  Will I break down and buy said dress?  No one knows.  I WANT I WANT I WANT, though!

So yeah, last night was a bit of a tosser.  But we did have a lovely impromptu dinner out which was made all the more lovely by the fact that it was impromptu.  We have a serious Libretto fixation going on right now - we're going again on Sunday with our Supper Club.  That will make it the fourth time in about a month for me, but it's so nice being able to eat there and have it be chill and not all Ossington-strip-y.  You can make a reso!  For a big party!  Yes!  I still love Queen Margherita, but I like the apps at Libretto more and right now, I'm more into the toppings at Libretto, which are applied a bit more generously than at Margherita, which is very classic, Naples, all-about-the-crust-ville.

We have a busy few nights ahead of us.  Me and the Yam tonight, riding solo.  I'm starting to become a bit of a parenting freak.  I looked up parent and tot Mandarin classes today and I think we're going to sign up for Fall 2012.  Then yesterday I was going on about how we should do structured number and letter recognition activities every day for like, 15 minutes or half an hour.  And now I'm wondering whether to put him in French Immersion or not.  I'm also worried about his fine motor skill development and how I don't do enough visual arts based activities with him.  And finally, I started stressing that his toys and play are too gendered.  LOL!  This came about when Momma D was over the other night and I was telling her how much he loves his book with trucks and is super-obsessed with buses and stuff and she said, "See! It just goes to show you that there's something innate in them [meaning boys]" and I was like, "Well, I don't think it's innate because trucks haven't been around for that long culturally, so there's no evolutionary reason why boys would be into trucks."  I also backed it up with anecdotal evidence from neighbs with daughters and other mum friends that their girls are also obsessed with trucks and buses.

At any rate, he doesn't get much (any) TV so he's not really victim to the gender-based marketing that's so insidious.  But it's still hard to fight!  We know someone who basically dolls up their 3 year old for "photo shoots" that consist of lipstick, plastic high heels, pink everything, nail polish, pearls, bracelets and it's very Toddlers and Tiaras.  It makes me want to retch, personally.  So do bikinis on babies, but you already know how I feel about that.  So today I gave him a baby doll and an old plastic Medela baby bottle and asked him if he wanted to feed the baby and he did it for a bit and made those kissy sucking noises and also gave the baby lots of kisses.  Honestly, it's worth doing just to hear him say the word "baby" - he pronounces it really cute:


Tonight for dinner we had this eggplant romesco pasta and a salad.  Back to healthy eating!  Back to making my stupid running worth it!

Tomorrow we're having my friend H over for dinner.  Then the weekend starts - it's the first weekend of Hot Docs so it's gonna be crazy!


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Nicole said...

First time 5 km straight at 33 mins is awesome! Can't wait to start running again too. xo