Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Snooziest of snoozies

The Dotytron and I are still battling the cold of doom so it's been a boring few days.  I basically spend my days in a fog of cotton-ball-brain (I seriously had to place FOUR follow-up calls to a client to negotiate their request because I was too mind-fuzzy to figure it out and ask the right questions the first three times) experiencing chills at work, then I stumble home, get it together enough to be able to play with the Big Yam (who has been absolutely lovely these past few nights) and then pass out at 9pm.  All I want to do is sleeeeeeeep.  I also want to be in top form for NYC.  Which means top form for Uniqlo!  And Shake Shack!  And BBQ!  And buying cool clothes for the Big Yam!  And the Cindy Sherman exhibit at MOMA!  And visiting with Pingy & A and my cook-friends!

I'm having issues finding summer footwear for the Big Yam's cabbage roll feet.  For some reason, mainstream kids shoe designers think it's okay to make little kids wear ugly, tourista dad sandals.  It's the worst!  Look at these things:

BRAF!  As I said on FB, I didn't go to the trouble of having a mixed-race kid in a vibrant multi-cultural urban metropolis to have him prancing around looking like that little brat above.  Gross!  And my other options?  Forget it:
FRAB!  Seriously?!?  How is that even a shoe that anyone would want to put on?  BTW, Geox sandals (the brand pictured immediately above) cost SIXTY DOLLARS.  Soooo uggie!  I find them offensive on so many levels.  

The thing is, I know like, Kanye has a source but I'm not gonna spend $250 on BAPE shoes for my kid.  There's like, no middle ground of affordable yet stylish sandals for boy toddlers that will not make me want to beat them up but will still mitigate the summer stink foot factor.  I guess my only choice are like, Crocs.  Which is muy depressing.

These are the only dece ones I've been able to find, and they don't have 'em in the Big Yam's size:
Maybe the problem presents a paradox.  You can't dress your kid cool AND still have him wear sandals.  Does 'Ye wear sandals?  Probably not.  Does like, Kid Cudi wear sandals?  No.  So it's an irreconcilable difference.  You know what brother does wear sandals?  The black guy from Hootie and the Blowfish, that's who.  And we all know what an outlier he is.  
In the end, I might just have to sooth my aggrieved footwear aesthetic with a pair (or two) of Creative Recreation high tops for the little lad (which cost $30, by the way, make sense of THAT.)  

I've gotten to a depressing part in my cancer biography (yes, there are parts of it that are more depressing than others) and so I'm injecting a little levity into my life with some comics reading.  I'm midway through Adrien Tomine's Scenes from an Impending Marriage and it is precisely the antidote to beautifully-written-but-unencouraging-treatises-on-cancer-mortality-and-the-politicization-of-cancer-treatment-and-research.  

Tonight we repurposed leftover chilaquiles mix and leftover (frozen) carnitas and merged them into one, unholy and delicious tostada.  Topped with the de rigeur sour cream, avocado, scallions, etc.  

Tonight was also my second night in a row of doing yoga.  I'm not gonna say that I've basically transformed my body, except I just did.


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