Friday, March 02, 2012

In which I talk about two things that made me almost cry with laughter this week

1)  Some people loathe office culture.  I can see why.  Putting together a randomly assigned group of people to work on tasks for over 8 hours a day for years at a time means that the veneer of public-sphere normality that most people can maintain for short periods rapidly wears off.  People are weirdoes.  MOST PEOPLE.  A lot of other people can't deal with that.  I, on the other hand, REVEL in the banalities of office interactions.  I find it such a fascinating sociological experiment every day.  Assisting me in this is that I have an unparalleled ability to find humour in the mundane and to not get fussed when people are just being weird in a way that doesn't directly impact my life.  I can let a lot of stuff roll off my back.  This week I was taking a break with G and K at work and we were trying to remember all the student placements who have passed through our hallowed halls. At one point, one guy's name came up and G said, "oh I remember ___!  We used to call him 'The Doughnut Toucher.'"  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It makes me laugh because it is ONLY in a work environment where you could call someone "The Doughnut Toucher" and have it actually be a thing.  It is ONLY in an office where you will find yourself looking on in horror when you bring in a box of Timmy Ho's and see a fellow colleague pawing through EACH AND EVERY ONE.  LOL!!!  So funny!!!

2) My nephew, Little Ze, has had this stuffed bear named BoBo that's he's had since he was born.  The relationship has changed through the years - it started with Little Ze sleeping with him, and then sniffing BoBo's butt to get to sleep, and then stuffing BoBo down his pajama pants for reasons unfathomable to anyone but Little Ze.  It's been almost a 6 year relationship.  My sister sent an email this morning to the family with the subject line: "BoBo is dead" and the content that my poor nephew was too scared to go to the bathroom in the night, and pooped and peed in the bed, and it was "horrific" (in my sis's words) and that as a result, the BoBo decision was made to let BoBo go.  

I responded that when I first read the words: "BoBo is dead" my heart stopped a bit (given the past year or so we've had, not an unreasonable reaction), even though I know who/what BoBo is.

My bro then responded:

Seriously...let's refrain from using the D-word in the subject line of emails. *lol* 

PS  worst way to go ever.

^^^  The PS had me almost peeing my own self with laughter.  So funny!!!  Picturing poor BoBo dead by way of a poo/pee tsunami is hilarious on so many levels, not all of them scatological.  

Last night the roomie and L'Armi brought us dinner.  It was very sweet and we had a fun time.  Today is my day off - I'm doing the usual massage thing.  Followed by a dentist appointment and futzing around the house kind of stuff.  Tonight I'm having my friend E over for vegetarian food and crafting.  Wheeeee!!!  I'm making us chilaquiles with black beans and hominy and crunched up tostadas.  And churros for dessert.  The Dotytron is taking his sis out for dinner somewhere - which was our Christmas present to her.  This weekend is hectic, but fun - baby shower, art show, dinner with friends, house stuff.  The usual melange of mundane, life-propelling, life-affirming stuff.


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Chris said...

God that BoBo story is hilarious