Thursday, March 29, 2012

Because I am not as smart as my heroes

...and never will be.  Here is what John Green has to say about The Hunger Games movie (which dovetails neatly into what I have to say next):

What is very, very interesting to me is the ways in which the plot of both book and movie explore the extremely complicated and ethically fraught relationship between observer and observed—the way resource-laden Person X paying attention to the plight of resource-deprived Person Y shapes both the lives of Person X and Person Y. (The most interesting moment in the movie to me is when Katniss gets the salve from a sponsor that allows her to survive: Lawrence’s complicated thank you in that moment is maybe even more evocative than in the book. Katniss is benefiting from the generosity of the rich, but she only needs this generosity because the social order that created the wealth is also the social order that put her in the games.)

Like, what Collins explores with real brilliance is that most social orders are more or less designed to be unjust because they are less concerned with justice than they are with stability.
And when you yourself are the victim of this injustice, you’re aware in a heightened way of what gets sacrificed in the name of stability. But the vast majority of people benefit from stability, or at least feel that it is better than taking a chance at instability. (And in this respect, we’re not entirely wrong. Like, it’s still unclear whether the radically unjust but relatively stable rule of a Hosni Mubarak, for instance, will be replaced by something better.)
Because I am not, nor will I ever be, as smart, or as good of a writer as John Green, here is what he has to say about the resolution of Konygate:

Some Appropriate Responses to the News That Invisible Children Co-Founder Jason Russell Was Arrested for Being Drunk and Masturbating in Public

3. Remind yourself always to do some research before giving to any organization, like for instance by making a quick visit to charity navigator.
4. Remember that the masturbatory habits and/or substance abuse problems of cofounders of charities are not nearly as important as the work those charities do and the efficiency with which they do it. I, for one, am far more concerned that Ugandans seem generally disgusted about Kony 2012 than I am with this news.
5. Acknowledge that the LRA sucked 10 years ago, and sucks today, and will suck tomorrow, and that it remains our job to pay attention in a patient and sustained way to the world in which we find ourselves.
Uhhh, yeah, what he said.  I am continually humbled by the brilliance of John and Hank Green, to the point where, should I be blessed enough to bear another child, they shall be named Jhankgreen.  Jhankgreen Lagerfeld (because I am starting a semi-serious campaign now that the next child should have my last name, as a bid to counteract patriarchal naming conventions.
So smart!  This week has been insanely, insanely busy.  Busy at work, busy with school, and our nights are busy.  To wit:  Monday night, we were both home to put the Boobla to bed together (my favorite!).  Tuesday night, I had class.  Wednesday night, the Dotytron had a parent council meeting to attend.  Tonight, the Dotytron wants to catch our friend A's set at The Rex.  Friday night, I have book club (where I will probably have to defend YA AND Mindy Kaling to my professor friends, who are SERIOUS INTELLECTUALS) and then Saturday we have to do house/grocery stuff and then I'm shopping with Dr. Rei and then seeing the Hunger Games with her.  Sunday we have brunch at the Dotytron's Aunt's house in King City or wherever and then we're taking my mum and Poh Poh out to dinner.  PHEW!  That means that the only night we had with both of us at home was Monday and Sunday.  That's too few!!!
Reasons why I love Dr. Rei and the fact that she's working at the Ministry of Magic.  Getting texts like: "dude! We still have to talk about the Budget!" (the provincial budget dropped on Tuesday...kind of a big deal.)  We are literally the only two people we know in the world who care to talk about the budget and provincial politics in any great detail.  I love that gal.
Feeling pretty stressed right now.  I have two 25 page papers I want to have done by the middle of April so I can have a clean slate before my last class starts in May.  I'm losing a big chunk of Easter weekend for the best reason possible, which is to celebrate the nuptials of H & A.  I'm super pumped about it!  
In other many babies born!  All little girl babies too.  My colleague K had her baby this past weekend and Uncle Jesse and N had their daughter on Monday.  I am feeling tinglings in my uterine region!
 Wednesday night's dinner was those black bean and spelt burgers I make on occasion.  But with the addition of a runny fried egg (makes everything better!) and some baby arugala in addition to the smoked Spanish paprika feta spread on Pita Break One Bun.

Tonight's dinner was a cabbage and beet borscht, which had all the colour leached out of it from sitting in the slow cooker all day.  Still tasty though.  I tried to find some beef shanks or shins to dress it up but no dice.  Settled for pork ribs instead.  Served with oven-warmed Ace bakery roasted garlic bread.

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