Wednesday, March 21, 2012


to Monday's post about the jacking and the people abusing subsidized housing.  Last night I had class so I called to check in with the Dotytron on my way home.  I called the housing management corporation and spoke to the tenant relations person, who was very forthright and cooperative about addressing some of the issues (not the thievery, but the underage public drinking and whatnot) - anyway, I was filling in the Dotytron about all that.  Then he's telling me, "oh, I have an update about that...there was more going on today."  

Apparently, he came home yesterday to drop off the car and go get the Big Yam from daycare, and there's two kids, outside of our neighbour's house, about 4 and 5, "one of them had a pacifier in her mouth," according to the Dotytron.  So the Dotytron goes inside, puts something away, and comes back out to the car, and the older of the kids, who is STILL ONLY ABOUT 5 YEARS OLD MIND YOU, is standing by this beat-up crummy plastic wagon thing, looks the Dotytron square in the eye, and says: "That's mine. Don't touch it." And the Dotytron was like, in his head, "is this kid talking to me? What the hell?!?"  Then the teenager next door, who is actually pretty nice generally and is just a typical, uneducated, f**ked up goon teenager, comes out and yells at the kids and tells them to "go the f**k home!  Stop hanging around!" and the two kids start walking away, with their wagon in tow, and the older of the kids, WHO IS STILL ONLY ABOUT 5 YEARS OLD MIND YOU, turns to the younger one (the one with the pacifier) and says, (about the teenager) "that guy's a f**kin' s**t."  !!!!!!!!!!!!  So saddening.  The Dotytron was appalled.  He kept repeating to me, "Did I mention that one of the kids WAS SUCKING ON A PACIFIER?!?!!!" which was kind of funny but also tragic because it is TOTALLY shocking that a kid (a toddler, basically) who is young enough to have a binky, is already totally immersed in this s***ty, sordid, cycle of poverty, ignorance, and lack of opportunity.  


To counter-balance that, on Monday, our riding had a by-election to elect an MP to replace Jack Layton.  I guess the Dotytron had told an NDPer that he was planning on voting for the NDP candidate, Craig Scott, so as we were sitting down to dinner, there was a knock on our door, and I opened it to a really earnest nerd-bot who was asking for the Dotytron.  So I'm like, "I take it you're from the NDP?" and he's all like yeah, and wants to know if we've gone to vote.  And I tell him no, we're going to go after dinner.  So then he's like, "Do you know exactly when that'll be?" and I go, "that's none of your business! Why do you want to know?"  And he, taken aback, says, "So I know when to come back."  And I'm hungry and sick so I say:

"Dude. We're educated liberals.  Don't worry, we got this on lock."  And shut the door.


I kill myself sometimes.  Although, according to the Dotytron on Monday night, when he was frustrated with me being a pill (admittedly), "Other than bearing my child, and the odd laugh over the years, you are the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE!!!"  

Good thing he put a ring (read: grill) on it!

Tonight we had pasta puttanesca.

For all my griping about the one bad element on our street - I love our 'hood.  Love it so hard.  I love biking up my street and seeing all the neighbs sitting on the curb and the kids careening into each other and talking.  It makes my heart swell.  We're really lucky to have this community spirit on our street and I try not to forget that for an instant.

Dinner tonight was pasta puttanesca with an arugala salad:

NYC round-up post coming!


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