Friday, February 17, 2012


In the ongoing chronicles of me being a psycho - I shouted "We only have 6 hot dogs!" at the roomie as she was exiting our car today, after we had arranged tentative plans that she was going to meet up with us again later tonight.  She had just said, "don't worry about saving me dinner, if you want to eat without me, that's fine," and me, in a panic that we only had one package of Shopsy's all beef hot dogs, made sure to tell one of my oldest friends who just happens to be 5 months pregnant that we only had 6 hot dogs.  The implication being, obviously, that there wouldn't be enough for her, our guest.  The Dotytron gave me one of his patented head shake/incredulous resignation expressions that he reserves expressly for when I'm being a psycho.  "You're only saying that because you know you're going to eat 5 hot dogs." Sigh.  He knows me so well.  What is WRONG with me?  Why can't I eat less than 4 hot dogs, ever?  Why am I a hot dog hoarder?  No one knows.

The Dotytron had the day off so we went to Kensingston Market with the roomie who is on her month-long vacation month.  We picked up yerba mate and then ate a tonne of Chilean empanadas and pulled pork on plantain goodies at Segovia.  So good!  I checked out the menu at Agave Y Aguacate (the spot that totally exploded in Kensington last spring)...but we weren't feeling it.  The stuff is kind of expensive and the menu didn't sound too appetizing.  We also got churros, of course.  Just practicing leading up to Fat Tuesday.

In amid all the personal and professional craziness this week, the much-hyped Drummond Report (aka The Commission on the Reform of Ontario's Public Service) dropped on Wednesday.  It was kind of a big deal.  I haven't had a chance to read through the whole thing yet (it's like 500+ pages), but it's the most comprehensive review of the OPS in recent memory, with an eye to finding cost-saving measures so that we can accelerate the elimination of the deficit.  The spectacle surrounding the Drummond Report has been kind of buck and leading up to its release, the fear over the types of austerity recommendations it would contain served to paralyze the workings of the province.  It was pretty fascinating.  I haven't really thought through the political strategy behind commissioning such a sweeping audit, but on a gut level, I think it was pretty brilliant.  

Tonight we're doing Friday Night Junkfood night - which is being expressed in the form of the aforementioned hot dogs, Kraft Dinner, and Bobette and Belle cupcakes with movies and knitting.  Yay Friday!


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