Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I pretty much had to post today just so Dax Sheppard's ugly, broken-nosed mug wasn't staring me in the face every time I checked the ol' bloggy bloggy.

For some reason the Grammy nominations are super-stressing me out.  Because, you know, having a full time job, parenting, doing a full-time Master's degree, and having a million other interests isn't enough to have on my plate, I have to worry about Ye getting the Grammy nomination shaft.  I KNOW.  NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE GRAMMIES.  But still!  My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is easily the best album of last year (of all the albums I heard start to finish, which is like, 2).  It was a pop opus.  Say what you will about Kanye (and note that I am a die hard Kanye apologist), but he makes sick tunes!  Four words for you:  ALL. OF. THE. LIGHTS.  I just listened to that song a million times at my desk at work 'pon the youtube and I never get tired of it.  My whole body turns into a giant goosebump.  Bon Iver?!?  Are you trying to make my cooch dry up?  Is that your end-game here, with your snoozefest, typical, indie-bait production and your weird falsetto singing?  Because that's instantly what happens.  If I was a 21 year old today, and some guy I was about to get busy with put that on, the party room would be SHUT DOWN.  Mumford and Sons get a pass because I'm a sucker for twangy rootsy business and they do a pretty legit version.  My sis isn't going to like this, but Adele got way too much love!  There is no way in hell that Rolling in the Deep is a better song than All of the Lights.  There just isn't.  Sorry.  Rolling in the Deep is over-produced and slick, even as it's trying to sound all old-timey barn-burn-y.  Her voice is super-compressed on that tune!  And that shiz is PLAYED. OUT.  Women everywhere: get over it!  

I totally had to get that off my chest.  

In related infuriating, why, God, why?!? news, people yammering about Gotye (pictured above) have been turning up in my FB feed.  He has this tune called Somebody That I Used to Know that is the equivalent of male sprites drilling into your ears with little wee shards of sprite magic glass.  Didn't we learn anything about curly haired weirdoes being twee from Mika?  OMG.  I can't even link to the song because I'm pretty sure my vagine has crawled up into my body in displaced embarrassment.  

Jayzus.  We need a cleanse.  

Tillers hepped me to this tune at Kdubsguelph cottage last summer and I instantly fell in love.  So freakin' hardcore rave-tastic.  Ahhhhhhhh...


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