Friday, February 10, 2012

BLW addendum

I keep feeling like I neglected to add something in my BLW rundown...but I can't remember what it is.  Ultimately, as with everything in life, you gotta do what's right for you.  Did I follow strict BLW procedures?  No.  But how you interpret parenting styles/methods is also up to you.  I know people who implemented BLW but would make individual turkey-quinoa patties for their kids to eat and then hover over the baby while they were eating, and then end up eating their own (different) dinner later.  To me, that kind of defeats the whole simplicity of the BLW system.  What I liked best was not having to make a separate meal for myself and for the Boobla.  I also know parents who have 2 year old kids and still cut up everything into teensy weensy little bites for them cuz they're so afeared of choking.  Again, if that's what floats your boat, go on ahead.  You're talking to the lady who put a bumper on her crib from birth because it tied the room together.  I clearly don't have all the answers.

I'm a pretty devil-may-care parent.  I'm not over-protective, I'm not generally a hoverer (this will come later, when my kid develops guile - I'm DEFINITELY a check-your-browser-history type of parent), I let my kid fall down and I don't rush to make sure he's okay.  It's just not my thing.  A lot of it is ignorance - ie. I didn't know you're supposed to have a helmet on a kid when he's tobogganing - and some of it is just me using my own internal common-sense-o-meter.

Par example: I gave the Big Yam peanut butter at 6 or 7 months.  We don't have any allergies in my family, the Dotytron doesn't, and I followed a tip from my neighbour where I rubbed some on his arm, then on his lip, to see if he hived up.  He didn't, so he's been yamming p.b. ever since.  I also gave him whole eggs - I didn't really get what the egg embargo was about anyway.  I think the conventional wisdom is yolks only, but then Poh Poh told me that the Chinese way was whites only, so then I split the difference and gave him the whole egg around 7 months.  He ate meat pretty much as soon as BLW was underway, he eats seafood and shellfish, he eats spicy food - it's all a go.  The only thing I'm a maniac about is sweets.  So he doesn't get juice, or syrup on his pancakes, or ice cream, or chocolate, and never sweet treats or prepared snacks.  I keep some disgusting spelt Cheerio-type things around the house and he gets those, and the odd Mum Mum, but otherwise, I don't let him have any processed food.  Sometimes I feel bad for the kid, cuz I think he must be wondering what's that EXTRA stuff we put on our pancakes and french toast, but then I get over it.  He has a lifetime of desserts in front of him.  He's had the odd taste here and there, but that's about it.

I keep thinking that I should put photos of the Big Yam's room up on OhDeeOh or something.  Only because I think I did a good job with his room and it's all tied together.  Maybe I will someday.  I have some fantastic nursery ideas for the next one (if there is another bambino in our future.)  I think part of my drive to have kids is for the decor purposes.  I'm a strange one, admittedly.

Today is my day off.  I wanted to keep the Big Yam home with me but I had too much shiz to do.  A lot of school and prep and getting the house ready for the focus group I'm hosting tonight.  I know, it sounds all weird and Tupperware party but it's considerably more benign.  My friend J is writing another book on foodies and asked me if I wanted to host a focus group for some of my foodie friends.  This post-doc is administering it and will bring snacks.  Host gets a $50 g/c to Loblaws and participants get a $25.  At the time,  I didn't know how bucksauce my life was going to be so I went with it.  I'm treating it very much like a focus group.  Like, even though my friends are coming over, I'm not hosting per se.  I'm definitely kicking everyone out by like, 10pm, because a) we want to take the Big Yam swimming tomorrow; and b) we're both exhausted from Ehmdo's show the night before.

The show was fantastic!  I haven't been to Lee's in a long time.  Predictably, I'm not used to going out to hear someone singing pop numbers.  If there isn't a driving bassline or if it's not like, Heart or Prince, it's not really my bag per se.  But my outlaw sis has a fantastic, expressive voice and a gift for writing catchy pop tunes and it was so nice to see her getting the support she deserved for the work she's put into this new album.  We left at around 11:45 to relieve the poor roomie, who was kind enough to babysit for us.  Yes, we got a preggo to do our babysitting for us.  I love the roomie.  

Tonight for dinner, we veered off Friday Night Takeout Night austerity measures and splurged on FOOTLONG PANZEROTTOES and FRIED CHICKEN.  That's right.  AND. FRIED. CHICKEN. Sick.  I also made this cornflake crunch cookie recipe (haven't baked the cookies off yet) from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook.  Cornflake crunch is THE BEST!  It smells like heaven when you're toasting it.  It's crushed up cornflakes, milk powder, sugar, and salt bound with some melted butter and it is insanely delicious, eaten straight up, or lending texture and salty-sweetness to a trashy cookie like this one:

Tomorrow is a big day.  Swimming, dim sum lunch with my fam bam in Markham, then back downtown for a bit of a date night for me and the Dotytron - we're going to try this new izakaya, called DonDon Izakaya and then we're going to my Discerning Coyote friend's birthday jam.  We hope to be home by like, 10pm.


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