Sunday, January 15, 2012

The weekend

This weekend, I almost made the Dotytron divorce me on account of how infuriatingly indecisive I was being about Friday Night Takeout Night.  I spent an unconscionable amount of time on Friday (considering people have like, real problems in this world of ours), waffling back and forth on what we were going to eat and whether to go out or bring it back and how the logistics would work if it was pick-up and blah blah blah.  I called the Dotytron no less than 8 times.  EIGHT TIMES!  I was being the worst about it.  In the end, we got Chinese BBQ takeout and I ended up having heart burn, so it served me right.  

Truth be told, I wouldn't mind getting a divorce.  One, because being a divorcée is dead sexy (in my books).  Two, because I kinda hate being married.  Just being part of an institution that I don't believe in makes me mad.  I hate that like, people can't just be common law or live together in a relationship forever nowadays.  Like, you still have to be MARRIED for your relationship to be considered legitimate.  It's annoying.  I hate that since getting hitched I get mail addressed to "Mr. and Mrs. I Dotytron."  It makes me SO MAD!  I hate how it's assumed that I lost my identity or autonomy upon getting married.  I gotta say, peeps can do what they want, but I'm not a fan of a woman changing her last name.  It's so wrapped up in patriarchy for me.  It's so outmoded and retrograde.  It would be one thing if the decision to take a last name was negotiated between the individuals...but it's not.  It's the woman taking the man's name and I think that's bulls**t.  I think our next kid is going to bear my last name.  Just to make a point about it.

Anyway, that proto-feminist rant aside, here is the obligatory, kid-in-pjs-under-the-tree shot, featuring the Boobla in his musical instrument jim jams that he's already outgrown (he outgrew them as soon as I bought them, actually):

And here are some bundled-up-for-the-outdoors shots.  Kids who are wearing a million layers that turn them into stocky, chunky tree trunk starfishes are so cute.  I love it.  We basically robbed him of the use of his joints by stuffing him into 4 layers of clothes to brave the cold yesterday.  He could take a few stiff-limbed steps and then he would face plant or fall back.  It was hilarious.

Why I love my street, part #996848481.  They opened up a Toys R Us Express at the mini-mall near our place and I was there on another mission and saw these little blue sleds on sale.  So I bought it.  I was carrying it back to our house when my neighbour said, "You didn't just buy that did you?" and then went back to his shed and got his old one and gave it to us.  So best.  So good to re-use and not just contribute to the garbage piling up in developing nations.  I love my street and hood so bad.  Here is us taking the sled out for a spin - it's pretty grainy - probably something with our camera settings.  One day we'll invest in an HD camera.

Last night's dinner - mushroom barley risotto and pan-fried lamb sausage

C-Hova came over last night to learn how to make beats from the Dotytron.  D'awwwww...he also wants to start DJing and throwing small parties, so I finally have knowledge that will be useful to him.  It's about time!  

I also made a recipe from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook last night.  Christina Tosi (the pastry chef) is my hero but she's buck.  For a chocolate cookie recipe, I had to make a chocolate crumb component first before then incorporating that into the cookie dough.  Each cake recipe consists of at least 4 individual components.  I had to buy citric acid and glucose and acetate and a 6" round cake ring for the cakes I'm planning on tackling from the book, and I've devised a plan of attack that consists of making a component a night leading up to the assembly, which has to take place 24 hours before I'm planning to serve, because all the cakes get frozen and then defrosted.  It's bucktown.  But I'm totally inspired.  The chocolate-chocolate cookies pictured above are heavenly.  They're like a giant, cookie-r version of an Oreo cookie, salty, deep, dark, chocolatey, with a crisp-chewy texture that's to die for.  These would make amazing ice cream sandwich cookies, or a nice cookie to crumble down to mix with whipped cream or turn into a crust.  I happen to be doing a fine job eating them as-is, though.

Our Cleveland friends bailed so today we went with Momma D to Pacific Mall to pick up Chinese New Year swag and to buy an outfit for the Big Yam.  Spoiler alert: his outfit is awesomeness.  For breakfast I made us this outrageously rich eggs benny: poached eggs on oven-crisped proscuitto, on top of sliced avocado, on top of tater tots.  With hollandaise!!! Insane!

For dinner I roasted us a duck and roasted some potatoes in duck fat.  We also had brussels sprouts and sautéed rapini.


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