Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ringing in 2012

We spent about 5 days in Geneseo, hanging with my sis and Uncle Rico and the kids.  It was an absolutely lovely, relaxing time of eating delicious, vegetable-free, fatty foods, watching a tonne of movies, reading, knitting, and watching my niece and nephews be goons.  A few funny things happened.

One day, I saw this felt toy that I had gotten for my niece 3 Christmases ago, sitting in a corner, all forlorn.  I was harping on her about it, so Little Ze said that he would make a scene using the felt and then I would take a picture of it to preserve for all eternity.  Then, Miss Ramona said she wanted to do one too, so I came up with a plan that we would all vote on which scene we liked best (secret ballot).  Here is #1:

And #2:

To reiterate, I, a grown woman of 32 years, decided it would be a good idea to rank and judge two siblings "art works" through secret ballot.  This basically flies in the face of ALL contemporary educational research with its emphasis on differentiated learning, child self-esteem, etc.  

Needless to say, it was a disaster.  Everyone voted for #1 (Little Ze's) and when I realized that it might be 5-1 in favour of #1, I changed my vote (I was the one reading out the results) to #2 at the last minute so it wouldn't be such a wash.  Miss Ramona was NOT PLEASED.  To say the least.  She actually kind of lost her shiz.  There was much crying and moaning and angry accusations that, "LITTLE ZE'S ISN'T EVEN STRAIGHT!" and when we tried to console her by saying that it was all a subjective opinion, that two people voted for her, she let out a wail, "BUT ONE OF THEM WAS MEEEEEEEEE!"  LOL!!!  We all died laughing (secretly).  It was kind of the best.  It didn't help that I tried to introduce an "artist's statement" section and Little Ze's "explanation" was the most rambling, convoluted thing since like, Hegel.

We did some cooking one night - we had what we called "white trash" tapas the day after New Year's Eve - shrimp cocktail, wieners rolled in Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, artichoke dip, Mexican dip, baked brie with apricot preserves in puff pastry - it was one of my favorite kinds of meals:

There were also lots of opportunities to watch these two homeboys hang out - it's pretty cute.  Little Big Cuz wanted nothing to do with the Big Yam but the Big Yam kept going in for kisses (he does this slow, open-mouthed approach) and was continually rebuffed.  The Big Yam is also a pretty empathetic cat.  At one point, during dinner, my sis was offering Little Big Cuz some ice cream and LBC was shaking his head and holding out his hand (implying he didn't want any), and when my sister moved my spoon in towards LBC again, the Big Yam, sitting beside him in a booster chair, started shaking his head, "no!" It was really cute.

I will say that my colon is glad to be back home, though.


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