Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

Bonus Jonas post on account of the fact that I have to kill time before I go to school!  Besides, I know that when I finally get down to writing a review of The Fault in Our Stars it's going to be pretty bleak and sad and it wouldn't be tonally correct to tack on a screechy style segment to the end of it.  

The look book for Jason Wu's collaboration with Target was released recently.  It's quite divine, if you like looking like a lady (and lately, I doooo).  Here are the things I'm coveting/considering buying:

This gold top and this pleated black skirt are great basics.  You can always use a fantastic shell and a black swingy skirt.
Love the colour and cut and weight of this cardigan.  It will be nice over sleeveless summer dresses at work.

This skirt is what sold me on the collection.  It's PERFECT.  Look at it!  Love the colours, love the cut, love the preppy nostalgia.  Also love the ribbon necked blouse.  Want them both.
Also love this blouse, but I have a lot of long-sleeved shirts already.  I would buy the skirt though.  Again, a great basic that can be paired with a simple shirtwaist or pintucked top for a really smart, professional look.
I like this sweater, but if budgeting gets tight, it might go.  Although this would look smashing with my wide-leg navy pants.
If I stick to a budget, this will probably get axed.  It's jersey, which means it'll be comfy, but jersey can also be super-clingy.  And I don't know if it'll be tailored enough to stand up to work.
Love this.  Already bought it (j/k, but I might as well have).
Love this outfit.  Want both pieces (already talked about them separately above...but look at them together!)
This purse is okay.  It's a little too lady for me.  Like, the purse with the outfit directly above it is too old lady slash Alexa Chung.  I don't consider Alexa Chung fashionable.  

So I've been on the hunt for a nice, cross body, grown-up lady purse/satchel lately.  It's been tough.  Everything has either been too expensive or not precisely what I want and not enough selection, etc.  So I finally went back to my old stomping grounds, Ebay, and came up with LOADS OF CHOICES!  All you have to type in are like, "Gossip Girl" and "satchel" and billions of stuff comes up, most of them priced to sell at like, $30.  Thank you, Chinaaaaa!  I want one (or two) summer ones and 1 winter one.  This is my short list:


I think #1, 2, 4, and 6 are going to make the cut.  

That's all, folks!


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steph said...

go with purse #1 100%