Friday, January 13, 2012

I saw the sign

and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign (life is demanding, without understanding)"

I was randomly singing those lyrics tonight during dinner and the Dotytron was all like, "What does that even mean (specifically referring to the 'life is demanding/without understanding' part)?" and then I started futzing on my computer and tuned him out while he was pondering out loud, only to tune back in to catch the phrase, "a really capitalist perspective."  So then I go, "I have no idea what you're talking about" to which he replied, testily, "I'M TALKING ABOUT THE ACE OF BASE. YOU KNOW GODDAMNED WELL WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT."  At which point, I DIED LAUGHING.  LOL!!!!!!!!  HOWLZORZ!!!  "The" Ace of Base is the best 4-word combination I've heard in recent memory.

So, I have an important fashion tip update.  The other day I rocked a pretty slamming outfit at work - my shrunken (kid's bat mitzah Value Village) blazer, my real skinnies from the Gap, and this orange patterned sleeveless blouse with this touch of black net overlay around the neck.  POP POP!  Plus I got my hair thinned by SMckay when she came over for movie night with Lolly the last Thursday before vacation ended and I had put the effort in to straighten it so I looked pretty boss.  Benetint on the cheeks + straight hair (so much easier to straighten when I have 50% less of it on mi head!) = fly.  ANYWAY, MHui gave me a good tip: ladies, don't wear your shrunken blazer with capris, otherwise you look like your clothes got sent through the dryer by accident.  It's a little too Pee Wee Herman, naw mean?  Okay good, carry on.

Speaking of the opposite of shrunken, while in the States, I went to Stride Rite to stock up on real shoes for the Big Yam, seeing as how he's walking around now and I don't want his indoor slippers getting all jacked up on concrete and whatnot (my views on indoor/outdoor shoes never the twain shall meet-ing are well known round here).  Turns out, my kid needs DOUBLE EXTRA WIDE shoes.  I liken it to stuffing a cabbage roll inside a teeny tiny miniature sneaker.  His feet are as like, as tall and wide as they are long. Not quite, but it's kind of cute...the little fat footed f**ker.

Ehmdo has some new chunes a gwanning.  She sang on this Canadian country dude, Josh Macumber's song, Tomorrow and got to be in a big, fancy video:

I kinda find that Josh guy to be...uh...not a looker, per se, but the song is catchy in a red-state kinda way and Ehmdo looks really pretty in it.  All that glamming up makes her look older than her years, though, which makes sense because they probably don't want Josh perving on some young 'un.  When I watch the video, I keep thinking to myself, "JUST COMPLETE THE PHONE CALL!" cuz the phone gets hung up so many times.  LOL!  

This is the video for the first single off her coming album (one of my favorite songs on the album):

Oh you fancy, huh?  So fancy!  I'm so proud of her.  

I took today off of work to take the Big Yam to get his 15 month shots.  He was such a trooper and we had a really nice day together.  I normally try to ditch him with his daycare provider on my days off so I can do stuff unencumbered.  Stuff like: groceries, banking, cleaning the house, etc.  But I was talking to my friend G at work and she was saying that she keeps her kids home with her on her days off, because soon they're going to be in kindergarten and she won't even have the option of taking them out to stay home and I got all guilty and totally changed my attack.  She speaks the truth!  I should cherish these days I get to spend with him...why else do I work so hard?  QT with my fam-bam and friends, that's why.  So we hung out with the roomie as well and I took him to his appointment, and we played and read books and sang songs.  It was super-cute and fun.

For dinner I made us pizzas.  Three different kinds because I'm crazy like that.  A potato, rosemary, roasted garlic oil and gorgonzola one, a proscuitto, grated parm, garlic and baby arugala one (mimicking my favorite pizza from the Magic Oven, a chain I refuse to patron because their pizza is so overpriced), and our favorite, a "spicy pig" sausage from the Sausage Partners, fresh mozzarella, roasted garlic, and caramelized onion one.  Woooeee, that last one was delicious.

So excited that tomorrow is Friday!  We thought our Cleveland friends were going to be coming into town and cleared our calendar.  As it turns out, they can't make it.  So we have an entirely free weekend, which is nice.  And as an added bonus, we can delay our top-to-bottom Chinese New Year house clean for a bit.  

Bonus shot of the Boobla rocking what we call, "The Rooster" all day:


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