Monday, January 30, 2012

Dream a little dream

I've been having crazy, vivid dreams lately, but none nearly as entertaining as the great penguin dream of 2006.  Speaking of which, can you believe I've been hacking away at this wee little corner of the blog-o-verse since 2006?!???  This is my fifth year of spewing my life all over the interwebs (in a non-message board format).  Wowza!  

My dreams have become the boringest.  I woke up last week completely enthralled and elated because I had a dream that the Dotytron and I were stocking up on supplies for a cabin that was going to be snowed in all winter.  Is that sick or what?  It was the apotheosis of all my emergency preparedness/pioneer dreams.  The dream basically consisted of me making lists of everything we might possible need to ride out the winter and making sure that we got enough bags of grain and salt pork and that the Dotytron had a good enough supply of wood.  I'm totally insane.  It must say something about me that the part that always captivated my imagination the most in The Shining (book and film version) - after I was done having the bejeezus scared out of me, was thinking of the stocks and supplies in the Overlook Hotel that would be needed by the Torrance family to ride out the winter.  I woke up from my stocking-up-the-cabin dream so unbelievably happy that I immediately had to turn to the Dotytron and explain, breathlessly, how I had just had the best dream.  Picture if you will, how unimpressed he was when he heard about it.

Last night I had an awful dream about shooters at a school.  School shooters are the worst.  Seriously.  In the dream I was trying to get stacks of books to put in boxes and stick them in the windows of the classroom and in front of the door so that they would absorb the gun shots.  There was also panic in my dream about how we were moving towards an e-book world and then what would we do?!?  See - I'm telling you - the boringest!

We had a pretty jam-packed weekend.

On Friday night I preserved the integrity of Friday Night Takeout Night and ordered from Parlour Deep Dish Pizza  which is this pop-up deep dish pizza restaurant running out of the kitchen of Trevor Kitchen & Wine Bar to gauge Toronto's interest in deep dish pizza.  Let me tell you this: Toronto's deep dish pizza interest is high (if by "Toronto" you mean, "Karl Lagerfeld"), but I would rather just eat deep dish the rare times I go to Chicago, then suffer the over-priced, poorly executed rendition offered here.  Lou Malnati's, which makes my favorite deep dish, serves a 14", fatty, greasy, soul-satisfying pie for $22.25.  Two people can barely eat half.  Parlour, on the other hand, insults you with a $25 10" pie, that with the delivery charge comes to $36.  THIRTY SIX DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!  The classic Chicago pie consists of a layer of cheese, covered with a thin layer of sausage, and then topped with sauce.  The Parlour sauce was egregious.  It tasted tinny and raw and overly acidic, too much like tomato paste and not enough of sauce.  The sausage was pork, maybe?  That's how unmemorable it was.  It was like the random TED Talk on social media equivalent of sausage.  The cheese was pretty paltry and the whole thing was under seasoned.  What makes a Chicago pie is the yellowy, buttery, crisp-chewy, crackery crust.  It's a wonder of crust engineering.  This was neither crackery or buttery enough, or good enough to stand alone as a regular pizza crust.  It was in some weird hinterland of crust.  A monstrous, New York style/Chicago style crust chimaera.  

Saturday we went to St. Lawrence at the crack of dawn and I took out money from a TD Bank and they gave me 100 extra dollars.  It was one of those plasticky new hunnies that slipped through the cracks.  I cannot tell you how buzzing I was from the adrenaline rush of it all.  The Dotytron was like, "We have to break it. We have to break it right away."  LOL!  FAO TD: I'm not giving it back.  It's already been laundered (by way of food, into my belly) so tough beans.  Take THAT!  Every time we walked by a cop (and cops love nothing more than loitering outside of St. Lawrence Market), we got really nervous that the jig was up.  

The upshot of doing all our errands so early on Saturday morning was that we were done everything by 11am and safely ensconced at home, to prepare for our shrimp boil night with L, and J & S.  Those guys went buck.  I delegated to them to bring bread, beer, and salad.  J & S and then L EACH brought those things!  There was a swiss chard caesar, a broccoli salad, cornbread, fresh baked bread, the shrimp boil, oysters on the half shell, and finally, the Momofuku Milk Bar apple pie cake:

This cake has only (!) 6 components in it: barely brown butter cake, apple cider soak, apple pie filling, liquid cheesecake, pie crumbs, and pie crumb frosting.  It was AMAZING.  So freakin' delicious.

I love those guys - the conversation was funny and hilarious.  

Sunday we had brunch with M & M at Lady Marmalade and then we had dinner at Dr. Rei and Hanbo's.   The Big Yam hit his nose on their coffee table and got a bloody nose which was kind of traumatic for the both of us.  It was so gross!  So much blood!  Dinner was awesome - black bean chili, leftover corn bread, and I made this brownie pie from Milk bar cookbook (of course, since I'm systematically making my way through it).  This only had 2 components - a molten, salty, chocolate barely-set brownie filling with a crackly crust sitting in a chewy graham crust made more chewy and deep-flavoured with the addition of milk powder.  

Served slightly warm with a dollop of completely superfluous whipped cream, it was a decadent delight.  Served cold out of the fridge, I can only imagine how good it would be.

We had such a nice talks with those guys.  It was so cute to be lying on their Persian rug, watching Theo be a crazy butt, talking about: Stephen Harper, Attiwapiskat, ETFs, the situation in Greece, politics in general, etc.  I love those guys.  

The Big Yam has recently unveiled some new words.  He said "bear bear" for the first time yesterday, and he routinely waddles up to me or the Dotytron and lifts up his arms and says "po-po" (which is Cantonese for carry [specifically carry a person]).  When he grabs his ghey story he also likes to pat the ground, mimicking the motion I make when he gives me a story and I pat the seat next to me so he can sit down.  He also started doing this hilarious standing-up dance, which involves cocking his head to one side, and doing a weird slow, spin, that inevitably results in him toppling over.  There's also a squat element to the dance.  It's the new Dougie.

I feel like my videos have gotten 75% grainier with time.

Tonight we had Momma D over for prime rib sandwiches, melted with cheddar cheese and horseradish mayo in the panini, with roasted brussels sprouts on the side.



Nicole said...

Your $100 story reminds me of the time I was on a run at 6:30 am and ran by two $50 bills that a drunk student must have dropped on the sdiewalk. I only took one because I felt WAY too guilty. And that was even after running by it once and turning around. lol

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

LOL!!! You only took one?!??? I feel that whole story is like, you in a nutshell.

Nicole said...

haha I know. and Jesse was furious that I only took 1. lol