Monday, December 19, 2011

Walking it out

This weekend was crazytown.  At one time or another, it featured me, the Dotytron, and/or the Big Yam all being foul owls.  

Friday night I had the brilliant idea to make our weekend "easier" by organizing this after-work, super-ambitious, Friday night weekly grocery shopping mission, the intent of which was to free up time on the weekend.  Well - what little time I freed up on the weekend was quickly squandered by the Dotytron's tension levels at STILL having 2 more holiday concerts to get through, compounded with the usual bemoaning of the busyness that is a life with a kid, a house in Toronto, a super-type A significant other, a demanding job, and a full social calendar.  So imagine his dismay, when he met up with me at the veggie store, and I, blithely oblivious and offended at the state of the brussels sprouts at my usually stalwart Fruit King, said, "we have to go the Farmer's Market tomorrow to get carrots and sprouts."  He damned near lost it.  "BUT THERE ARE CARROTS HERE.  JUST GET ANYTHING." Me: "But I want colourful carrots" (imagine, dear readers, how well that reasoning played - know your audience, readers, know your audience.)  Suffice it to say that what ensued involved a lot of f-bombs (me) and a lot of long-suffering, tense pauses (the Dotytron.)  

When the dust had settled, we realized it was because I didn't pitch it correctly.  I should have said, "do you want to go to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning and get breakfast and have coffee and walk around and then maybe we can see if there are nicer carrots for Christmas dinner?"  That would have gone over waaaaaaayyyy better.

Anyway, when we got home, we had this waiting for us: 

That would be warm, trippa alla fiorentina (tribe, Florentine style), which we scooped into bowls direct from the slow cooker and topped with grated parm, a dollop of chimichurri I was passing off as salsa verde, and sided with big warmed hunks of my roasted garlic, caramelized onion focaccia for dipping.  It was heavenly.  The Big Yam didn't think so, but that's because I had bought his grocery shopping compliance with cheddar bunnies.  I got him to eat it on Sunday, after he rejected it for lunch, by starving him into submission.  Is that mean?  Maybe.  I don't give picky eaters no quarter, though.  Choice is a luxury that is not allowed to him, unless I deign it so, and if he starts throwing perfectly good food on the floor, he can go hungry until he's willing to eat it later (which he was.)  

The Big Yam, after 6 months of being a fantastic eater (which isn't all that much time until you realize it's like, half his life) has started to become "snoopy" in the words of Nany.  But it's weird and day to day with him.  One day he's dumping handfuls of apples off the side of the high chair, the next day he's taking bites out of an apple the Dotytron is eating.  There are certain consistencies - like he will always eat: French toast, oatmeal, toast, most carbs, all berries, bananas, clementines, most fruits, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocado, corn, beans, etc.  Other vegetables are more touch and go...I just keep offering it and offering it again and again.  

Anyway, our morning at the farmer's market ended up being very nice.  We woke up and bundled ourselves in schluffy clothes into the car and went to St. Lawrence Market and had breakfast sammies from Carousel Bakery alongside some extra strips of oven-roasted bacon from one of the meat purveyors.  Did our shopping and came home and got ready for the Dotytron family xmas party which was being held up in Pottageville or some other place off the map.

It was a gong show getting there.  First we timed it so we would go to Costco and pick up gifties first and then head to Pottageville.  Got to Costco (which is MADNESS on a weekend generally, but ESPECIALLY SO on a weekend leading up to the holidays), and realized I had forgotten my wallet at home, which kiboshed the Costco mission but also kiboshed the me being the designated driver scheme we had cooked up.  So we had to drive all the way home and then head out again. 

Dotytron family xmas was lovely, though.  It was kind of a pot-lucky affair - I brought: thyme and Gruyere gougeres, proscuitto-wrapped prunes, and the homemade kit kat bars.  We were supposed to go to Supper Club afterwards but we left the family thing late (around 8pm) and it was too much for us and especially the Big Yam.  It would have involved getting him out of the car, waking him up, hauling him to Supper Club for an hour, only to pack him back into the car, him falling asleep, and then hauling him back out again when we got to our just wasn't feasible and fair.  I think we'll be more ambitious when he gets a little older - in fact, it's very important to me that he get used to falling asleep at people's houses and being bundled up in his jammies and taken home, but for right now, it's too disruptive for him.

So we came home and started watching Louis C.K.'s show, Louie, which we INSTANTLY fell in love with.  It's the funniest thing ever.  We were laughing so hard we were crying.  It's also viciously smart, nuanced, highbrow, lowbrow, and keenly observant.  This scene, is brilliant.  Near the end, there's a discussion of the use of the word f****t, which I thought was so layered and perfectly encapsulates comedy, the simultaneously elasticity and rigidity of language, the nature of semiotics, and the use of taboo words.  It really struck me.  

In retrospect, it becomes all the more striking when it is revealed that my mother-in-law, the dear Momma D, might possibly have heard me call the Dotytron a "f**king c**t" on Sunday.  Whoops.  In my defense, I was joking.  He left the lock for the stroller at home and I was jokingly berating him for messing with my system.  She was in the car and this all happened outside the car, with the car doors closed, so I'm not 100% sure she heard it...but the Dotytron is convinced.  LOL!!!  I actually find it pretty funny.  But I can see how this probably doesn't improve my image as the shrewish, shrill, harsh-o-matic outlaw daughter always giving her son a hard time.  I can't help it!  I've got a potty mouth!!!  I come by it honestly, having worked as a blue-collar worker for many years.  Cooks have the filthiest mouths.  I also go straight to: "I'm going to f**king kill you" any time something small happens.  In fact, the smaller the thing, the sooner I am to jump to: "you're an idiot" or "I'm going to f**king kill you."  I guess from outside, if you don't know me, I can see how it looks bad...but I don't mean anything by it!  That's just the way I talk.  Anyway, Momma D and Poppa D like, never had screaming matches (according to the Dotytron), whereas in my family, from the outside, it sounds like that's ALL WE DO.  So it's a cultural thing?  I don't know.  Alls I knows is - sometimes, I'm going to throw down the c-word, and it ain't no thang in my books.

This all happened on the way to the Toronto Christmas Market, which was amazing, the only downside being that it was a victim of its own success.  Basically, they turn the Distillery District into this European-style Christmas Market, with little wooden stalls selling mulled wine (DELICIOUS!) and apple cider, and maple taffy, sausage on a bun, schnitzel, mac'n'cheese, candied bacon, etc and also little tchotchkes  and stuff...there's a GIANT Christmas tree and there are twinkling lights all around and a bunch of stuff for kids like a Santa's village, and the shops are open so you can stroll in and out.  It's beautiful and lovely and very festive.  Because it was so awesome, it was also a s**tshow, with way too many people trying to navigate around dogs and strollers and a million other people.  If they do it next year, I would want to take an afternoon off and be leisurely about it.  I also hope they extend it into the holiday break so that it spreads people out during the holiday, instead of all crammed into the weekend.  I highly recommend it, though!

So the long and short of it is, even though we were foul owls at some point, in the end, the weekend was perfectly lovely - full of experiences, good food, and family.  

Here is a video we finally managed to capture of the Big Yam working on his crip walk:

Spicy beef udon for dinner tonight.  Shazzam!


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We've watched that video three times now, funnier every time! SO CUTE AAAAAWWWWWWW!!!! Too cute.