Monday, December 12, 2011


Things I'm succeeding at, lately:
- skipping class
- watching movies
- making people laugh

Things I'm failing at, lately:
- attending class
- blogging regularly
- not eating a million sweets/fatty things

I have much to tell, but never enough time to sit down and crank out the lengthy, verbose entries that all my dedicated readers love.
On Friday night I hosted Academic Book Club. We got our house looking as cute as Lil' Ugmo is capable of looking and our little wee house got some rave reviews. I have to say - our house does have personality, even if it is wee. I'm lucky I'm such a visually oriented person and that making our house look all Portland-crafty-blogger-librarian-design-enthusiast magazine ready is something that I enjoy. A few things came out of book club.
1) Those honky grandmas are still trippin'. I love book club. They make me laugh, they really do, and those women are smart and learned and they're like, truly good people, but I feel like some of the ladies just don't know what's what in the world, even when they like, REALLY know what's what in the world, in their U of T professor-y kind of way. Like, they can probably talk about Israel and Palestine in a way more informed fashion than I can, what with my knowledge-gleaned-from-listening-to-2-seconds-of-a-Noam-Chomsky-lecture-before-falling-asleep-and-Joe-Sacco-graphic-novels-derived education on the Middle East. But...but they're also adorably clueless. Like, we were talking about role models and one of them was talking about Tori Amos.


That's right, Tori Amos. I kind of died inside. My vagina was cringing. It was the worst. WHO TALKS ABOUT TORI AMOS?!!!??? As a feminist role model?!?

2) They don't really get comedy. As a basis of comparison, I cited Mindy Kaling and Donald Glover as role models. I like ivy-educated funny people, who are creative in a pop-culture relevant way. Is that sad? I dunno. I feel like my way is better because I get humour. So, par example, they were talking about Sarah Silverman, who I don't like, because I find her schtick seriously one-note. I get it, you're cute and you say filthy things. I don't like Chelsea Handler for the same reason. I get it, you're a woman who likes to booze and have sex with dudes with giant d**ks. That's not charming or smart or witty. Boooring! It's not sustainable humour. Anyway, a few ladies were talking about how they love Sarah Silverman, but that sometimes (ie. when she jokes about rape) she goes too far. I feel like that's kind of missing the point of Sarah Silverman, don't you?
Then they found these fake beards I made for SMckay's birthday party. And they were asking what it was about, and I said, "oh, I have a friend who's really into Judaism and beards" and they started laughing, but at the same time, as they were laughing, were like, "I'm so offended!" (a lot of them are Jewish). I get that, I do. Fetishizing someone's religion is kind of offensive. But it's got to be contextual, right? So like, SMckay's appreciation for Jewish culture, while it's an unlearned appreciate, is funny precisely because it's so also has a limited range of applications. She doesn't go around telling just anyone about it (at least, I hope she doesn't) and it's more of a joke for close friends. I just think it's a question of context, and I feel that the younger generation (of which I am tenuously a part) has a more nuanced understanding of context and humour and what's disposable and what's not. Or maybe me and my peers do. As the Dotytron sagely noted, "they don't know where to draw the line." Which I thought was sooooo apt. It's not that Sarah Silverman doesn't know where to draw the line, it's that you don't know. The Dotytron is a super genius, sometimes.
3) I may be a bad person, but I'm just saying what everyone else is thinking. As another example, one of the women listed Dorothy Day as her mentor/role model, because she started the Catholic Worker Movement, where you take in homeless people to live with you, not as charity, but as like, a member of your family and community. To which I immediately blurted out, "ummm, do you like, interview the homeless person or are you supposed to take the first one who shows up?" and they all started laughing again, but I'm like, SERIOUSLY?!? AS IF ANY OF YOU, WHO LIVE IN HOUSES WAY NICER THAN MINE, WOULD LIKE TAKE IN A RANDO HOMELESS PERSON!!! A lot of homeless people are weirdos. And it's not societal. They are skeevy. Skeeviness isn't a societal issue, all the time. Sometimes it's just skeeviness. Wanting to vet a homeless person who you're taking into your home, while it might not fit the acceptable definition of St. Francis of Assisi-style charitable Christian goodwill, is just being a normal person. You just wouldn't do that! I mean, I guess it's awesome that there are people out there who are willing to do that, but I don't actually think it makes them better than other people, sorry. I just don't.
Anyway, we laughed our butts off and I do love my book club ladies. They're the best. It's refreshing for me to be around them because it helps me to realize that not everyone is like me (even if they should be).
This is Thursday night's kimchi fried rice, which the Big Yam ate a lot of, thereby assuaging my fears that he doesn't like Asian food and only likes Indian food:

Saturday morning's breakfast was a homemade sausage and egg sammy with aged cheddar on the most boss buns of life from Strickland's butcher's up the street. I love Strickland's because they're all old-timey in there and it's really bare bones and ghetto looking and they make no claims about selling organic or naturally raised meats but they're 3rd generation butchers and have been working with the same farms for like 75 years and so they're as good as being all hip and trendy and organic. They're super nice and sweet and don't know a think about being modern or cool and I love them for it. They also sell mincemeat tarts in pre-made tart shells and jams, and buns and sausage rolls. It's very odd and the butchers are old and they walk very slowly. In other words: I LOVE IT. Because I'm an old people champion. And I love things that exist in this world that can't be cool and hip and trendy and continue through the support of normal, regular people who still like things like genial, warm customer service. Anyway, the buns are PERFECT. I know, because I live with a bun connoisseur. The Dotytron is very choosey about his buns (human and bread). They're soft and thickly flour coated and so giving and plush - the perfect sandwich bun:

Saturday, I skipped class and we hung out. We decided to do a neighbourhood exploration and so after considering and rejecting the Distillery District and the Junction, we settled on Parkdale - we wanted coffee and to check out the junk shops. We found out there are quite few junk shops, unfortunately, and as Dr. Rei mentioned, that what we really wanted was to be in our own neighbourhood, which is where people go when they want coffee and furniture and antiques. Whoops. It was still nice to go for a stroll - we checked out the Drake General store and found a Christmas tree ornament that looks like Hedwig! Perfect! I've settled on a theme for the tree - we're going with birds and vintage mercury glass. Bird-themed ornaments can be of any material, but anything not a ball or a teardrop or an icicle, will be a bird. I can't tell you how glad I am to have that in the bag.

The best part of our walk (aside from getting the Hedwig ornament) was that I found a vintage Valentino skirt in my size that is work appropriate and was reasonably priced !!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE finding vintage designer stuff! It's suitable for wearing now, which is another bonus - like, it's not some kind of weird relic piece. I love it, so. The thrill of the thrift!

On Saturday night we had Lolly over for a dinner of carnitas and leftover cookies and such:

Followed by a viewing of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

I don't even need to do a review of this movie. It's terrible. Nothing happens - except for a long-awaited-by-Twihards marriage, sex, a pregnancy, and a baby. I know when I write that that it sounds like something happens, but seriously, nothing really does. Also, I disagree wtih my sister, who loved Bella's wedding dress. I agree that the back was lovely, but the front! The front looked like this weird harlequin/street mime/Russian gymnast singlet that was entirely too plain and did weird things to her boobs. Also, did Kristen Stewart actually become anorexic for the role? It seems like she did, thereby adding to the list of highly irresponsible and questionable rules that Stephenie Myer, in all her Mormon, anti-feminist, schlock-writing glory, espouses:

1) you should let a guy control you and emotionally manipulate you
2) you should subsume your desires when you fall in love with the guy who controls you and emotionally manipulates you
3) you should not foster any friendships/relationships with your family when you fall in love with a guy
4) you should just barely finish high school but give up all your career aspirations/independence for love
5) sex (which you shouldn't do without being married first) hurts. If your husband leaves bruises all over your body, you should crave it and make excuses for him and say that you love them.
6) when you get pregnant, it is YOUR choice to keep a baby that is killing you
7) it is okay to drink human blood when you're not a vampire to keep your weird, sicko love baby.

WACKSAUCE. I hate the Twilight phenomena and I view it as a highly troubling indicator of the problems with America in general and the modelling for young girls in particular.

Here's a bonus shot of the Boobla Khan looking super-cute in his Christmas party finery with a bonus shot of our tree in the background. Look at how cute he looks, snacking on some cheddar bunnies and in his plaid shirt/cardigan combo. So cute! We went to Momma D's side of the family's annual Christmas party in Markham yesterday. It was fun - although I was the victim of some mother-in-law-ization when I voiced that the Dotytron and I had decided we're not into lining up at the mall to get the obligatory kid-with-Santa photo. Momma D gave me the "You're not getting the traditional photo with Santa!" along with some "what's wrong with you?" eyes. I would like to defend myself and say that the Dotytron and I are in agreeance about this - we have no interest in standing in line and wrestling the Big Yam into submission for a photo with a weird Santa where he'll inevitably be crying. We just don't care about it. And we certainly don't want to pay $20 for the privilege of an over-flashed photo with the Big Yam in some ridiculous white people fancy garb. It's just not our style. If anyone in his life really feels strongly that he's missing out, then they are more than welcome to take him to fulfill this rite of passage.

In the background, you can see our tree, which is a real tree, because as I've mentioned before, the Dotytron has very strong feelings about real trees, which I find endearing. What I also found endearing is that our tree, while a handsome specimen, doesn't have much of a smell, and I've been hearing about it NONSTOP since Wednesday. The Dotytron is truly anguished about it, and it's cute. To the point where we had to buy balsam fir scented incense to make up for it. The balsam fir incense doesn't smell like tree though - it kind of smells like an electrical fire. LOL!

Here's a photo of him at the City of Craft free photobooth they set up. LOL! City of Craft was a bit of a bust. I'm glad I went, because it gave me and Dr. Rei a chance to poke around her hood, but I didn't find anything I would buy. Some of the items were expensive, some were too arcane. There were some people doing some nice prints, but then I got lazy and didn't want to spend the money.

Tonight for dinner we had a chickpea, leek and parmesan soup with salad.



smckay said...

1. I usually just tell most men to grow beards because they will look more handsome with them.
2. I also tell people that I am Jewish when meeting them for the first time and they are too polite to ask so then they think I am. Win/win situation. If you believe it, it will come!

Big Yam's Auntie said...

Marko lost his shiz when we took the kids to have breakfast with Santa at daycare this past Saturday. High pitched screams of terror.