Saturday, December 24, 2011


I meant to post before this but then I done gone got myself sick.  Woke up at 2am on Thursday with awful, awful lower abdomen cramps that had me thrashing and moaning and being a sucky baby that wouldn't let anyone (read: The Dotytron) sleep until they had  heard the full extent of my grievances.  Called in sick to work on Thursday as my tummy was still all jacked up and tender...limped my way to drop the Big Yam off at daycare and lay about and slept with a heating pad on.  By the end of the day things were slightly better, but I was still weirded out.

Yesterday took the Big Yam to the doctor and explain my symptoms.  Guess what he told me?  He said, "girl you better try to have fun..." no, wait, that's Prince.  As soon as I started saying, "I had these awful cramps in my lower abdomen" he kind of sucked in his breath and sighed and said, *Sigh* "The abdomen is really tough to diagnose because there are so many things in there," *sigh* "and with women, there's the extra stuff..." He said that basically, because I was feeling better on Friday, there wasn't anything to do but monitor it.  He felt around to make sure my appendix hadn't ruptured and gave me a clean bill of health.  The Big Yam, too.  I got mother-in-law'd into taking him to the doctor because he's had a dry cough for the past I suspected, there's nothing to do with a cough sans phlegm, fever, sluggishness.  He's just gotta work it out.  The doctor said that this time of year, they see hundreds of people with coughs and they only treat about 15 of them.  

There was a flurry of wrapping and last minute shopping and braving the Mennonites for my Christmas dinner order, and standing in line-ing yesterday.  We're mostly done today, as of the time of this post.  Just some last minute finishing on tomorrow night's dinner that can be done ahead and last minute tidying.  

This was Wednesday night's dinner (pasta w/ rose sauce):

Last night was our Chanukah meal and since I made a 3lb brisket, we put up the House of Plenty signal to try to get peeps over to help us take 'er down.  L'Armi and the Roomie obliged and we had a delicious dinner of brisket bourguignon with sweet potato and yukon latkes, apple sauce, and sour cream.  It was SOOOOO good!  I used a recipe from Serious Eats, which has been my favorite food site for a while.  It's just written by my people.  They've got good recipes, good restaurant reviews, and they're not snooty like Chowhound (ie. they review fast food restaurant breakfast sammies in all earnestness).  This is a link to the recipe I used.  No changes made and I wouldn't recommend any, either.  It's perfect as is.  

Because Chanukah is all about oil and deep-frying (and the festival of lights and the reclaiming of the Holy Temple, blah blah blah) I made a low-key version of doughnuts - churros.  Some dusted with cinnamon sugar and some injected with dulce de leche.  Dulce de leche churros were sooooo freakin' good:

Huge Chanukah breakthrough for the Big Yam.  Walking suddenly "clicked" last night.  Fortified with a bellyful of latkes, brisket, and clementines, he went on a walking tear - doing crazy loops and shouting joyously the whole time.  He kept it up for almost an hour and you could see the unrestrained glee in his face at the knowledge of his own burgeoning physical autonomy.  It's a bit of a nightmare from a baby-proofing perspective, but it's also a wonder to behold:

Note: the above video contains an asinine observation from yours truly that you love your kid more than your niece and nephew.  LOL!!!

Tonight it's the traditional Christmas Eve takeout and movie with Momma D and Ehmdo.  Poppa D will be missed.

Merry Christmas, all!


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