Monday, December 05, 2011

In which I injure my own child was your weekend? Mine, mine was okay. EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT I'M A HORRIBLE PARENT AND HURT MY OWN SON. Still feeling awful about it. On Sunday, I stuck him in an empty laundry basket to hang out on the kitchen floor while I rolled meatballs for tonight's dinner. He had a bowl of cheddar bunnies to keep him happy so he seemed okay. Then he tired of the bunnies and tried to stand up and haul himself over the side of the basket. Laundry baskets being the flimsy things that they are, it toppled over, the Boobla toppled with it, landing face-first onto the kitchen tile and biting his upper lip with his bottom teeth. There was so much blood. The poor little lamb's lip swelled up and combined with his cold and possible case of viral conjunctivitis, it wasn't a pretty sight:

Why am I the worst parent ever?!???!!! Who does that??? He's such a good kid, and here I am trying to maim him. Ugh. I still feel terrible - I can see his face all smeared with blood and tears and it makes my heart stop.

This weekend was fairly uneventful, in the end. Except that our car died. AGAIN. Captain Save-A-Hoe is not doing so well. This is the 4th time The Cap'n has died. First time was en route to Cleveland. We get the battery replaced, continue on our way. Then, it dies again, while Miss Ramona was visiting. We get the alternator replaced, and continue on our way (the idea being that the alternator was the problem, since it wasn't charging the battery). Then, our car died AGAIN last week. We got the alternator replaced for free, as it was still under warranty. Finally, on Friday, the Dotytron noticed it was giving the same troubling signs that usually precipitate an all-out car death (brake light goes on, flickering battery light, radio gets wonky) and he managed to cruise into a gas station with the last remaining juice the car had in it. I've told him that since the Captain has a tendency to DIE-die (like to the point you can't put the hazards on, or shift it into gear), that he should pull over as soon as he sees the signs, rather than risk stopping dead on the 401 or something and getting slammed into (my heart stops at the thought). Our auto electric people now think that it's not the alternator at all, but the computer getting the signals all jumbled up. Ahhh, life with the Captain. What a mess.

It doesn't help that the Dotytron has like, 2 holiday concerts this week and so he desperately needs a car - he's borrowed his mum's in the mean time. The only ray of light is that our ROI on our CAA membership is through the roof. That's cold comfort.

Thursday night's dinner was spinach & feta pie:

Saturday morning breakfast was oat scones with devonshire cream and jam:

We scarfed that before jumping into the car at 7:30am to go swimming...only to arrive at the pool in Markham and find that it's closed for maintenance. The number of times we've showed up at that pool, happy and expectant at the prospect of seeing a joy-filled Boobla splashing around in the water, only to be turned away due to an error in our reading of the swim time schedule or some other such thing, are too numerous to count. So we did a bunch of lame errands which made the Dotytron unjustifiably testy at me (he seems to have a hard time understanding the fact that now we do errands on the weekends and that's what being a grown up is about, unfortunately). We had lunch with my grandma and my mom at Ajisen Ramen in Markham. It was good. I like the selection better than the selection at Kenzo Ramen, but I like the base broth better at Kenzo. The Ajisen broth was a little too salty and msg-laced for me. But they have this thing called "tenderous" ribs which was pretty boss and the pork ramen that I had was chock-a-block full of tender, fatty, pork neck pieces. I do loves me some pork neck.

Saturday night's dinner was roast chicken legs, tatties roasted in chicken fat, brussels sprouts, and carrots:

Then the Dotytron abandoned me to go see his friend A, who'd been staying with us while he was visiting from NYC play a show. So I ever-so-foolishly PAID for Love, Actually on ROD and instantly regretted every second of it. Mostly because Alan Rickman's character does a very foolish thing and I hate situations in which I can't like an Alan Rickman character. It makes my heart stop.

Sunday breakkie was my attempt to recreate a dish I quite like from Lady Marmalade. My version is a wholewheat crepe, stuffed with ham, quick-sautéed spinach, rolled up and baked with a cheddar cheese sauce on top, and then topped with two poached (in my case, over poached) eggs. It was deelicious.

Here is my latest holiday craft - my felt ball garland! So cute, huh? I've got it hung in that broad expanse of light grey hallway we have in the house. I'm using little mini wooden clothespins to clip up any cute xmas cards and such that we get this year - it'll also be nice to hang any artwork done by the Big Yam in the future:

Tonight for dinner we had spaghetti and meatballs and salad.


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