Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Attack of the blob

Have you guys ever had congee?  It's like a savory rice porridge that my people generally eat for breakfast in the homeland, but has been adopted as more lunch/dinner fare here.  We made it for dinner last night and even though I KNOW that it's like the most cost-effective, high yielding food of all time, I stupidly decided to double the recipe like a total n00b.  The thing with congee is, that rice is like the most absorbent starch of all time (this is not a scientific  method-based observation.)  So it CONTINUES TO ABSORB for like, a full week after you started putting the dish together.  Anyway, 2 cups of rice and 20 cups of water later, I have vats and vats of preserved egg and pork congee to keep me warm at night.  

It's been a very Asian week so far for dinners - spicy beef kimchi udon on Monday, followed by congee yesterday.  The Big Yam has been so-so about it.  He's a big fan of spicy food though - he was very nonplussed by the chili heat of the spicy beef udon.

On our way home from the Dotytron Family Xmas to-do, I was pondering aloud about what kind of kid I want to raise.  Having been forced around the company of adults from a very young age, dragged to business dinners for my mom and Big D's clients and such, all my siblings and I were forced to learn to sit and smile and be pleasant through interminably long, multi-course epic mealtimes with people who we shared very little in common with - either they were old (meaning adults) or they were weird, nerdy, future doctors of America (the children of said adults).  I may not have acquitted myself with grace back then, but it's kind of important to me now that my kid is able to be well-rounded, well-read enough to be comfortable keeping company with adults.  I want my kid to have the social skills so that they don't clam up if they're forced into situations where they don't appear to have a lot in common with their companions.  I want my kid to okay striking up a genial conversation with all kinds of people, not just other kids.  I want my kid to be able to know how to ask questions and find commonalities with others - not just talk about themselves and their own narrow interests. 

I want my kid to be the opposite of narrow.  I want the Big Yam to have broad interests, to be intensely curious, to be interested and engaged.  

This might all be a pipe dream.  Right now he's pretty self-absorbed.  He can fake it pretty well though.  He has this fake curious sound he does, which is a super-exaggerated, "hunnnnh" followed by a "hmmmmmmm" that goes up at the end so it sounds like a question.  It's pretty cute but can also be pretty infuriating - especially when he unleashes it after randomly calming down after being a bear.  Suddenly he's all like, professorial inquisitive guy, going "hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?" after you've been dealing with him lying on the floor wanting to be picked up for half an hour when you're trying to make dinner.

Ahhhh, life.


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