Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Kim Kardashian

So, the person in my life with the most to say about Kim Kardashian's divorce is (somewhat surprisingly) the Dotytron. He is OBSESSED with Kris Humphries, in a kind of classically Dotytron way. Which means that he doesn't know his name, but will periodically update me on the status on Kris and Kim's relationship by asking questions like, "Have you seen the guy Kim Kardashian is dating? He's a centaur!" So I've been hearing centaur-related updates for the past few months. I find is so funny that he thinks Kris Humphries is a centaur.

Not much to report here. I have dodgeball this evening and then the roomie is bringing us dinner, which is good, because our stove is all effed up (yay! Exactly what we need right now!). It won't turn on and when you turn the dial the "burner on" light flickers but doesn't go on completely - I think it's just a loose wire and I'm trying to get someone in to fix it. Still a pain in the butt - how are we supposed to go a few days without a stove?!??

We've started watching The Walking Dead, and by "watching" I mean, I sit with my hand up blocking my view of the television and hyperventilate and repeat tersely "I hate this show. Why are we watching this show. I hate this show."

I've also started stressing about the holidays because well - the holidays kind of blow. What the crap am I supposed to get for the Big Yam? He doesn't even know what's going on right now. He only recently figured out how to clap his hands together! I think next year I'm going to go more buck making an advent calendar and whatnot for him, but for right now, I think he'll just be happy that we have a tree that he can destroy. Ugh...I just want to call Christmas off all together.

This has been a pretty randomonium post. Sorry.


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