Thursday, November 17, 2011

I love this show

I don't know how/why this came up, but it did today (came up in my head) and it made me laugh so I thought I'd share it with y'alls. This show is still consistently winning me over, unlike say, other comedy winners of years past like Modern Family (too sentimental!) and Community (too something - too caught up in its own shiz). The best thing about Community right now is Donald Glover, who is one of those insanely multi-talented people (like Mindy Kaling) that I aspire to be. He wrote for 30 Rock, he's an actor on Community, he does stand-up, and he produces some pretty good tunes with one of the best names of all time (other than Gucci Mane, natch), Childish Gambino (from the Wu-Tang name generator, natch natch). And he does most of his own production:

Seriously? Why aren't more people in my generation like this? Instead you have people who are like, mired in consumer debt, easily polarized by fringe issues (I'm looking at you, America), and who are more often than not, like the majority of my classmates, first rate dumbys. Ugh. It seriously makes me scared for the future of the public service that it's made up with so many people who are so limited (by themselves!) in so many ways. Actually, let's expand on that: I'm seriously scared by the future of our world that it's made up with so many people who are so limited in so many ways. Being smart, being politically aware, being into popular culture, and being funny are NOT mutually exclusive attributes (see also: Aziz Ansari)! The above track is like a perfect storm for Lagerfeld love - I love tinkly, anthemic, orchestral rap tracks with slow, sluggy beats. It's like my kryptonite.

This is a bit of a randomonium post. Can I also tack on that I don't like Adele? I think she comes off as phony. Her songs are such "all the single ladies" sad sack young woman bait. Meh. What I **do** love is the Prince versus Charlie Murphy skit on the Chappelle Show - so good. We watched this last Friday and were almost in tears, laughing:

Last night for dinner we had twice baked potatoes. They look like zombie potatoes because I used Guinness-infused cheddar for the topping...which obviously has to melt down like a bad skin graft. They were delicious, though.

Tomorrow is my day off - so I'm going to be doing errands and sorting out my pension and other scintillating stuff like that. We're having Dr. Rei and the Hanbo over for dinner and Settlers of Cattan, though. Maximum bo!


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