Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bunkering down

All I want to do is hunker down in Lil' Ugmo with the boys and haaaaannnnggg out. I'm feeling very sluggy lately. I don't want to do anything but quietly craft and eat cookies and wear flannel pjs. It's that time of the year for me.

Last night we had a perfect night with the Big Yam. It was one of those nights when dinner came together quickly, he ate well, we gave him a bath, he went to bed without a fuss, and he was in a good, giggly, laughing mood the entire evening and didn't whine or squawk once. Those nights are somewhat rare (it's rare that we don't have at least a little jag of whinging), but it's so lovely when they happen - like all is right and good in the world.

I'm so committed to hibernating that I've been a bad dodgeball coach and I haven't really been trying to hustle to make it to games. We had to forfeit this week because we didn't have enough people to make a team and I was not-so-secretly pleased at the prospect of another quiet night in. The following photo is for the benefit of one SMckay. Two years ago, shortly after we first bought Lil' Ugmo, I upgraded all my plates to a set from Crate and Barrel. In between each plate was a piece of corrugated cardboard meant to keep the plates from chipping. Well, shortly after we moved in SMcKay was over and I was wondering what to do with the cardboard and she was of the opinion that I should throw it out but I was of the opinion that I might be able to recycle it into some kind of craft project. Here is the resulting craft project, two years later:

Ta-da! It's a garland of corrugated cardboard stars strung on red yarn that we have hanging over the archway between our living room and dining room. I think it looks quite handsome.

While we were sick last weekend we watched J.J. Abrams' Super 8 which I really wanted to love because it stars Coach from Friday Night Lights but which I couldn't love because it was boring and lacked emotional resonance and failed utterly at capturing the childhood wonder and adventure of 80s films that were standard bearers of that genre like, E.T. or Goonies. It just fell kind of flat the whole time and the cast of kid characters was too big and too poorly developed for you to care about them the way you care about Chunk from Goonies. I feel like I'm ready to come right out and say that I don't like J.J. Abrams. I don't get what all the fuss is about. The Dotytron also attempted a viewing of Crazy, Stupid, Love which he turned off after a good 45 minutes because he couldn't handle how unfunny it is. I still don't understand how so many people went crazy for that film and thought it was the smartest, funniest, mature film treatment on relationships in years. FALSE!

Tonight for dinner we had shakshuka eggs and warmed pitas. I love shakshuka eggs - it's a tasty, filling, 20 minute meal. What's not to love?


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