Friday, November 11, 2011


Yesterday marked 10 years in the ongoing saga that is Karl Lagerfeld and The Dotytron. That's a third of our lives spent grinding it out, together. This is what we looked like when we first got together:

Just about every other person in that photo we no longer hang out with/associate ourselves with because they're either mad seedy, or weirdos, or jerks. I mean, I guess they're like, normal people, but totally not our style. Anyway, that's not the point.

Look at what babies we were! That was at the apex of the Dotytron's Abraham Lincoln, chin-strap raver phase. Awwwww...he was such a PLUR-tastic n00b back then. I always thought that when I met the Dotytron, I was like, old. Like, it's not like we were high school sweethearts or anything...but when you think about it, we met when we were both 22. So only, 3 years out of high school, really (well 4 for me, because I fast-tracked through high school back in those prehistoric days when there was still an OAC grade. Anyway, NBD *cough* Iwasinthegiftedprogram *cough*). And here we are, a decade later, in a house, with our happy cute little baby boy, and our 2 cats, and our network of non-seedy, non-weirdo, non-jerk friends, and our extended family.

I can't believe how quickly the past 10 years have gone by and all we have as a record of it is a few scattershot memories and photo albums. Nothing that speaks to the hundreds of thousands of mundane minutiae that make up our life together - all those companionable hours sitting on the couch, or driving to buy groceries, or walking to get coffee, or doing our respective reading before one particular moment from that swirling mass of everyday stands out, and yet taken together, the ordinariness of that blur provides the backbone for us now, 10 years later.

I got lucky somehow. So yes, maybe we're not soul mates or something, but at this point, we might as well be - we've grown on each other and together like loud, opinionated, brassy lichen on an easy-going, funny stone.

We spent our anniversary evening having dinner with Dr. Rei (pretty fitting, as my bff-ship with her dates back the same time) at Duff's Wings talking about urban transportation, the city's funding shortfall and Vibes Kartel. Which is a pretty hilarious, fitting, and timeless snapshot of the M-R-I dynamic. We're going out for a nice dinner this weekend. And we might squeeze in a Guu dinner with our Guu compadres, MHui and her hubby, later in the month. That's a pretty good way to celebrate 10 years together, I think. Even if all the Dotytron wants to ever do is go to Hashimoto and eat a $300/person kaiseki meal.

Today is Remembrance Day, which is a government and bank holiday. I kept the Big Yam home and took him to the drop-in centre and then we biked to Riverdale Farm and visited with Poppa D at the necropolis and visited with the animals at Riverdale Farm. Riverdale Farm is an urban treasure, guys. Whereas High Park Zoo makes me super sad (because I don't think it's right keeping those animals penned up in the park), Riverdale Farm, because of the farminess of it and the focus on domesticated beasts of burden, is awesome. They also do all kinds of cheap programming like knitting and needle craft and pottery for kids which is so cool and when the Big Yam is old enough, I'm totally signing him up. I'm ESPECIALLY signing him up for "Farmer's Life" which is geared towards 10-13 year olds and inexplicably has a million spots open on it's registration list. Farmer's Life 4-eva, sons.

Lolly is bringing us dinner tonight, which is sooo nice! I love having dinner brought over. Can't wait to get a visit with her. Our stove is also fixed. Huzzah! The roomie brought over Coyote Willies on Wednesday and it was pretty tasty. They make some mean "fries" (they're like crispy on the outside, but pillowy on the inside fries in the potato wedge idiom). I'm going to make us dulce de leche dessert crepes tonight.

I have class tomorrow. Boourns.


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