Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tales of a mama dread

So yesterday I came across this idea from this woman's blog I follow. The woman is raising 2 kids in the Montessori style and is a former Montessori teacher with some Waldorf-y leanings in there as well. The idea was for a "discovery/treasure basket" which is a basket filled with everyday household things with a variety of textures, weights, shapes, and temperatures for the kid to play with, the idea being that you put the basket out and the child quietly entertains themselves exploring the basket for a half hour or more (as in her case).

So I came home from work (I skipped class last night) all fired up to enact this grand vision of sensory, open-ended play. For the Big Yam to be connected to the world and to foster his curiosity and wonder in the everyday, blah blah blah. Total treasure basket fail, guys. I put in a ball of yarn, some cardboard stars, some felt, an ice pack, an ice cream scoop, a bench scraper, a wooden cheese spreader, a mason jar filled with beans and another bag of beans (he's been super into bags of beans lately), set it on the floor, brought him in, and watched expectantly with my eyes a-star with cherished parental hopes while he ignored it completely and clambered over to my legs asking to be picked up. My visions of me dreamily stirring a pot of marshmallows and butter for rice krispie squares while he quietly played in the corner of the kitchen were dashed asunder, much to the cackling, skeptical delight of one Dotytron, esquire. Ah is a learned activity. I'll report back on progress or if this thing is just a dud for my kid.

Behold, Monday's pumpkin stew with warmed parathas in the background - a delightful fall dinner. Last night I had leftover spicy grain soup at work with a mortadella and mozzarella sandwich, which was kind of depressing. The food wasn't depressing, eating at work is. Tonight is more of the same although this time I have leftover chicken dill soup and I'm getting a grilled cheese sandwich from the cafeteria. Too many depressing meals at my desk!!! We have a dodgeball double-header tonight, which is the reason.

I shouldn't complain - I have a slew of 3 and 4 day work weeks coming up. This week is my first earned day off, next week I took Halloween off to take the Big Yam to the drop-in centre and carve pumpkins and whatnot, the week following is Remembrance Day, which is generally a government holiday and then the week after that is my earned day off again. I can get used to this life, even if it makes getting all your work done in the 3 or 4 days a bit of a pinch.


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