Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Step by step style

Step 1: read fashion blogs of regular people (somehow usually Mormons?) with good style on a budget (as opposed to say, fashion blogs for people who worship at the altar of Hedi Slimane)
Step 2: listen carefully when fashion blogger X tells you that a great way to be thrifty and fashionable is to shop in the boys section of your local thrift store and get a boy's blazer there for the perfect shrunken look
Step 3: dutifully go out to Value Village and buy a boy's black blazer for $6.99
Step 4: try on the (itchy, heavily synthetic) blazer at home.
Step 5: realize you look like a new immigrant boy on their way to a classmate's bar mitzvah.

Looking good isn't easy, folks.

Tuesday's whole wheat farfalle with spinach, mushrooms, and gorgonzola cheese

Tonight's dinner of shrimp baked in a garlicky tomato sauce with feta, served with roasted garlic oil croutons and string yellow and purple beans tossed in lemon juice and a bit of butter.

I've been on a tear lately, buying stuff for me, the Dotytron and the Big Yam for back to work/daycare. New shoes, sweaters, baby gates, sleepers - basically digging us ever-deeper into debt. The Big Yam is wearing size 18 month stuff now, without blinking an eye.


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Nicole said...

i wanna see a pic of you in the blazer!!! xo