Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spitting image

Everyone always looks at the Big Yam and sees his Asian colouring and how deep and dark his eyes are and remarks on how much he looks like his mama. We've been going through old photos and we came across ones of the young Dotytron and I can totally see so much of him in the Boobla Khan. Some of the expressions are identical to T's. See for yourself:

In the last two weeks the Big Yam has been working on his vocabulary. His one word vocabulary. He knows how to say "miao" (Cantonese for cat) and he spends his mornings as I'm getting his breakfast ready chasing the cats and shouting "miaomiaomiaomiaomiao!" at them. It's pretty cute. I'm trying to teach him other words but no luck so far. This past week I've been leaving him with J, his caregiver, for an hour here and there at the drop-in centre and actually taking off and leaving the premises to get him used to her. He's been fine. Distressingly fine. He's notorious for being pretty independent and an easy, relaxed baby so that's to be expected I guess, but it hurts a teensy bit. Although, he reserves special smiles for me and when I show up to collect him he immediately drops whatever he's doing (gumming something he shouldn't be gumming) and crawls over with a big grin. He's also been a bit clingy afterward but that could also because he's got a cold and he's cutting a new tooth. Who knows.

Last night we had Momma D and Ehmdo over to watch the Big Yam while we played in our first dodgeball game of the season (we got spanked, but that's incidental.) I made us a pretty fantastic dinner - open faced steak melts consisting of: nice bread sliced semi-thick, brushed with roasted garlic oil, and lightly toasted in the oven, topped with smushed roasted garlic cloves, caramelized onion, sliced seared steak, and horseradish cheddar, broiled to melt; sliced tomatoes with salt and pepper; and a mache salad with grated grano padano and a lemon-olive oil dressing.


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