Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Monday started off as a strange, weird day. There was this weird, buzzy, restless, heightened charge to the air that made us kind of tense. I couldn't believe we were having a memorial for Poppa D. It felt like it was for someone else. It still feels like we just haven't seen him for the normal amount of time that we don't see Momma and Poppa D sometimes (a couple of weeks) and that we'll go for dinner in a week or two and he'll still be there.

The memorial was truly beautiful and truly a celebration of his life in a way that people often intend those things to be but they rarely are. Our friends played piano and bass and the room was filled with friends and family, all coming together to pay their respects - there must have been over 150 people there - I can't imagine having touched that many people's lives, myself. The speeches, especially the Dotytron's, Ehmdo's and Momma D's were beautiful and heartfelt and helped to paint a picture of the husband, father, grandfather, outlaw dad, son, brother, friend, colleague that people lost too soon.

I feel like now the hard part begins. The part where we all have to learn to live without Poppa D's gentle, supportive, loving presence in our life. When I think about the loss for the Big Yam and how unaware he is of what he's lost, and how he won't even remember that year he got to spend with his Poppa it makes me cry so hard.

The Dotytron wisely took this week off of work. I'm going to resume regularly scheduled posting tomorrow to bring you all up to speed on what we've been up to as of late.

With you in grief and in joy,


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