Friday, September 30, 2011

A new day

A new day has dawned and I'm already feeling lighter (vicious bout of heart burn last night notwithstanding.) After a calming talk with Dr. Rei, the Dotytron, and my sister (my personal life-coaching team), I've divested my schedule of all activities in the near future that feel like an obligation and that feel like they're for someone else instead of me and it's allowing me to breathe a little (a lot) easier.
My neighbour seems to think that I might be hormonal as well - I've been cutting out some of the daytime feeds for the Boobla and he's SUPER-attached to his "naai naai" (Cantonese for milk) so it's been a little hard for the both of us. Although, his second word is "naai naai" so now he has WORDS instead of a word. It's kind of blowing our minds. This is a video of him wearing his tuxedo and harassing Boddington by shouting cat at him in Cantonese:
He's also started doing this thing where he talks to his toys. It's pretty hilarious. He kind of leans in real close and then says, "Buh!" at them. He's also started nodding his head, which leads to all kinds of hilarity. Even though you know he's not REALLY agreeing with what you're saying, the kid has pretty awesome comedic timing.

Our Rosh Hashanah dinner was pretty boss, even if it was just for the three of us in the end. The roast chicken was super-juicy with a delicious crispy skin, I made a wine-based gravy with the pan juices, maple-ginger carrots, noodle kugel with endive and baby spinach (soo good!), and roasted Russian Princess potatoes from our CSA (they're pink fleshed!) For dessert was apple cake with bourbon caramel sauce. It was a big hit all around, I must say. Noodle kugel is sooo freakin' tasty. The recipe that I use mixes egg noodles with eggs, sour cream, cottage cheese, poppy seeds, and I add in sautéed onions and greens - it would be a fantastic vegetarian main dish with a side salad. It's deeply satisfying stuff - especially with the noodles that get all browned on top and crispy.
Today we're spending the morning hanging with Xtina & her baby H, and then we're having dinner with our friends JJ & S at their place and (hopefully) introducing them to the wonders that is Settlers of Catan. Our goal is to get the maximum number of people hooked that we can.
I took myself out of the meat category in the Competitive Backyard BBQ that I'm in participating in tomorrow and just entering the desserts category. I just didn't want to have to stress about smoking ribs for 25 people and fussing with my wood on a cold day. It just didn't seem worth it to me at the time. Tell me if this makes me a bad person. The CBBBQ is being put on by my friend to raise money for a charity that helps people with developmental disabilities start businesses and live independent lives. I'm totally on board with that. Then I found out that some of those people with developmental disabilities were also taking part in the competition and now I feel like they're going to get the pity vote and win and I'm kinda sore about it. Actually, I know it makes me a bad person, I don't need you to tell me. WHY AM I SUCH A BAD PERSON?!?????
I'm going to think on that today.


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