Friday, September 09, 2011

Clear eyes, full heart, can't lose. may or may not be aware that for the past month plus, casa Dotytron Lagerfeld has been ALL OVER Friday Night Lights. The show has been getting mad daps from my bible, Entertainment Weekly pretty much since it started, as well as my pop culture early adopter sister (who also hepped me to the Hunger Games) and teen author Sarah Dessen. We were INSTANTLY hooked. One episode in bed and we were hungry for more (Dotytron: "already this show is a million times more interesting than Mad Men") despite initial skepticism about the premise's (football and football culture in small town Texas) appeal to diffident sports watchers like us.

This show is sooooo good! Anchored by Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler's pitch perfect husband and wife relationship as Tami and Eric Taylor, this show is about sports, football, small town America, class, parenting, community, coming-of-age (me watching the opening credits: "It reminds me of Geneseo!" Dotytron: "That's the whole point"). I can't say enough good things about it. It's been criminally neglected by the Emmy's. Tami and Coach have one of the most real, loving, commendable TV relationships I've ever seen and they're given equal prominence. I loves me some Coach Taylor (father figure vacuum filler alert!) The writing (save for an abysmal Season 2 divergence into teen-soap territory that was clearly a misguided attempt by NBC to re-brand and re-market the show to a younger audience), is top notch and the actors really inhabit the characters - they were apparently given a lot of leeway in terms of improvising dialogue as long as they hit major points and the show is shot with a loose improvisational feel that speaks to the fact that the actors didn't rehearse scenes prior to shooting (yes, my fandom has extended to Wikipedia-ing info on the production techniques.)

No one, though, loves it more than the Dotytron. The other day he came up to me and was all like nonchalantly, "So I was looking up East Dillon Lions [one of the teams on the show headed by Coach] gear and I found all this Tim Riggins [the show's requisite troubled-with-a-decent-core brooding bad boy] paraphernalia with his face on it - I think I'm going to get some." LOL! Coach's saying is "clear eyes, full heart, can't lose," and I only recently realized that it was his saying, and not the team's motto. Let me just say that the Dotytron let me have it when he realized that I didn't know. I got a big lecture about how, "NO, YOU IDIOT. IT'S COACH'S SAYING. THAT'S WHY IT'S THE BEST. GOD!" The Dotytron wants to implement something similar for his band program...but it's tough. My suggestion was "tight embouchure, self-whittled reed, can't lose" but it doesn't have quite the same ring.

Coach is the best coach/father/husband EVER. I can't wait until I can tell the Big Yam to "take a knee" whenever I want to impart something serious to him. It's going to be hilarious. Also LOL at my neighbour G who recently posted that Tami has "magic hair" on my Facebook wall when I posted an FNL related status. Tami TOTALLY has magic hair. Look:

TOTAL magic hair. LOL!

Anyway, so our pre-bedtime routine has been to allow ourselves a single, savoured episode of Friday Night Lights. That way we can draw out the experience and make it last. Well, there's that but there's also the fact that we don't have time for more than 45 minutes of TV a day.

Today is more drop-in centre fun times with the Boobla and then hanging with Dr. Rei and Hanbo. The drop-in centre has been hilarious now that the Boobla is older. They were only closed for the summer break but there's been a HUGE leap in the Big Yam's ability to engage and explore the world now that he's so much more mobile and with it. I wasn't looking forward to getting stuck in mom gossip world (I usually spend my time chatting with newcomers to Canada, because I find them nicer and less gossipy) but I'm doing it for the Big Yam and I can tell he's enjoying it. He's super-into tambourines and shakers and drums right now, so yesterday he crawled up to one of those shakers that's shaped like an egg and was starting to shake it and bop around. A slightly older (walking-age) kid came up and grabbed ALL the eggs and it was hilarious to watch the Big Yam's reaction. It's the first time that he's ever had something taken from him by a stranger or a peer. He was kind of struck dumb for a second and then he SCREAMED. He crawled over and tried to grab it and when the kid walked away again he screamed again. It was super cute and funny.

Tonight is FNTON (Friday Night Take Out Night). Not sure what the rest of the crew will want to eat. I'd like to go for pide, which are Turkish pizzas, from our local, Pizza Pide.


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