Sunday, September 04, 2011

All of the lights

Life insists on going on, seemingly without regard for what I want. Young Master T has his own internal rhythms and expectations that have to be met and so I have to step up to the plate and make sure that his days are full with stimulating new experiences, reassuring old ones, belly laughs, tickles, and big love.
I have a joy-filled kid so far and for that I'm very, very grateful. Yes, he's not so into waving bye-bye or listening when we issue short instructions, but I'm more proud of the fact that the little guy loves dancing. More specifically, he does the dutty wine - the boy's got moooooves. Lots of slow, bass-driven, winding in the lower half region. He doesn't so much dance as groove. It's pretty adorable - the best is that sometimes you'll put a tune, he'll look at you for a couple of seconds, find the rhythm, and then start getting down and it's so endearing.
So is watching the little nut at the wading pool:

For Friday Night Takeout/Eat Out night we went to Paul and Sandy's Real Barbecue out in Etobicoke. It's been getting good reviews from various barbecue aficionados and the positive buzz is well earned. It's a small little joint - with a lone man (obviously Paul) manning the open kitchen and Sandy and some other local yokels doing front of the house. Maybe 20 or so seats in all. They start you off with a complimentary basket of warm, toasted garlic bread drenched in garlic butter:

We were starving so we ordered some fried zucchini sticks (which was totally overkill) - these were delicious and we polished them off (and burned the roofs of our mouths in the process) in about 5 seconds:

For our mains we opted to split the sample platter for 2, which comes with 2 sides (we picked baked beans and potato salad and got an additional side of coleslaw - again in our ignorance, contributing to the gluttony and our eventual acquiescence to the inevitability of leftovers). The red skin potato salad is cool and creamy, and the sample platter is divine. You get a full rack of baby back ribs, brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, and smoked meatloaf. Alongside are the house made bbq sauces, one spicy, one not. The brisket and the ribs were perfect - the brisket was so moist and juicy, capped with the thinnest, sheerest layer of melting fat. The ribs were held together by a dark, lacquered barque that yielded at the gentlest pull of your teeth into smoke-ringed, pink shards of tender meat. The pulled pork was so-so, but the meatloaf was divine - oniony ground beef infused with smoky flavour. Normally I'm not a fan of smoked chicken but the spice rub on the skin gave it a savoury crust and Paul is experienced enough that the white meat was supple instead of dry. We can't wait to go back. Dinner for 2 with 1 beer and 1 pop came out to $60, including tax and tip:

Boobla Khan ate generously from our plates - downing brisket, chicken, pork, and lots of baked beans. In the car ride home he experienced his first-ever dance with the 'itis and got right fartsacked:

Poor little Boobla.

Yesterday we did some errands - I worked on my quilt (more on that later) and we took dinner over to Momma and Poppa D's house and had a visit with Ehmdo at the same time. I made a green salad with roasted beets and chevre croutons, polenta lasagna (inspired by a fantastic dish Lolly made at the cottage), and chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches with vanilla ice cream from Ed's Real Scoop. Pretty tasty, all told:

This morning for Sunday breakkie I made us a fat baby and garlic pork breakfast sausages from the Mennonites:

This afternoon we're headed up to Markham to hang with my mom, Poh Poh and my brothers - looking forward to some Chinese eats.

I've been working real hard on my quilt top and quilt back for the last week and finished both yesterday. The front probably took me about a month, off and on - the chevron pattern requires a lot of minute cutting and trimming and sewing. Quilting is fussy work! Way fussier than knitting, which is fairly straightforward - you make a mistake, it's easy to fix and the proportions of the things you're wrestling with are small. Quilting is taking small things, making them bigger, attaching them to other things, trimming that, and piecing things together bit by bit. The quilt back came together a lot easier, but that's because I was kind of winging it. I feel more confident know with being able to wing something - the math involved in quilting damn near kills me, though:

I accidentally attached the last row of blue zig zags upside down. I've since fixed it. Now all I have to do is get batting, make the quilt sandwich, quilt the monster, make binding, and sew it on! Le sigh.


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