Sunday, August 28, 2011

Where have I been?

Photo of the Boobla Khan taking by Ehdmo at R & R Acres

Well, the big storm on Wednesday blew our modem so I've been without internet. During that time, we were also playing host to Miss Ramona until Friday. Our car died AGAIN on Thursday, in the EXACT SAME FASHION, this time it totally died on us closer to home, though. It turns out that our battery was faulty, which destroyed our brand-new alternator. Luckily, the alternator is under warranty so we got that replaced for free and just have to pay for the battery and the labour.

On Friday evening we met up with R & R and introduced them to both Burger's Priest and Settlers of Cattan and probably thereby raised our nerd/freak flag too early into the friendship, ruining it forever.

Saturday was a rare day without social obligations. We walked around our hood and I bought a new dress for work, courtesy of one of my favorite Canadian lines, the stupidly named Pink Martini. I bought the "Picnic Dress" in black, which comes with a pretty cute belt that I can use for other dresses. I think this will look nice with either a close-cut cardigan, or a shrunken black blazer with tights and t-strap chunky heels.

We had the roomie over for dinner yesterday. We're her go-to place when L'Armi goes out of town and she's on call. It's pretty cute. I made this crustless eggplant quiche of grilled eggplant layered with ricotta pureed with eggs and basil and shredded mozzarella. We also had caesar salad and blueberry sour cream pie squares with whipped cream.

On Thursday I had Miss Ramona help make chicken fingers (the food she requested as part of her "Special Day" birthday coupon festivities. I also made corn on the cob and a green bean, tomato, and potato salad with mustard vinaigrette. She like the chicken fingers but wasn't too keen on eating corn on the cob or potatoes and green beans.

Camp Leslieville was a bit of a tough sell. It's that classic parent line - there's the things you want your kids (or your sister's kids) to be into and then there's the stuff that they're into - in my niece's case, that's mostly watching TV and vegging out. She LOVES her vegging out hard. It's hard to get her excited about stuff. She did seem to have a fun time playing with the neighbour's kids and that was pretty cute. But our trip to the Science Centre was a bit of a fail. Ah well - she was also missing her parents which could have influenced things. At one point, she pulled out this ANCIENT photo of my outlaw bro and my sis (from like, 2000 or something) that she was carrying around in this mini backpack, took a look at it, and said, "I miss them." It was pretty hilarious.

Today was brunch with K & J and the girls from work at K & J's gorgeously reno'd house. Then SMckay is coming over for dinner and a viewing of The Help. Full review to follow!


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