Monday, August 22, 2011

La Ferme

The Big Yam's first time at the farm was a raging success, if you measure success by the happiness of a baby going to town on a T-bone steak:

The kid loves his red meat. Apparently T-bones make great teethers. By the end of that whole ordeal he was so covered in an insulating coating of beef tallow that water was beading up on his skin. I love R & R Acres - it's so relaxing - sleeping in the bunkie, taking naps, tooting around antiquing little wee towns, eating copious amounts of red meat, visiting with our hosts:

Shooting guns:

That's me with a .22 calibre rifle. I also shot a .22 handgun, a .45 rifle and a shotgun. I know guns are bad, blah blah blah...but I really do love shooting. I love the accuracy involved in it, I love the little adrenaline rush of feeling like you're doing something bad, and I love steeling myself for the kick. Pumping a shotgun makes you feel badass. I know there's something intrinsically wrong in our culture that it romanticizes the authoritative click of a pumped shotgun, but I can't help it - it makes you feel like you could actually take on an army of zombies and win. I'd like to get my gun license and then my hunting license in the next little while so that I can join in on the duck hunt. I feel like duck are a good hunting starting point - it'd be hard for me to look a deer in the eye after I shot it - as much as I love venison, it wouldn't be easy.

Over the years they've kind of wound down the number of livestock on the farm - the upkeep is just too much. Right now they have sheep, some turkeys, chickens, and some Muscovy ducks. I thought that this male turkey looked a lot like Little Big Cuz:

Here's a photo of nephew M for reference:

Am I crazy? Something about the big, gentle, wiser-than-their-years expression in their eyes and their little barrel chests.

Our goody bag from the Farm included a bag of frozen venison hearts, tongues, and assorted duck and Canada goose offal (gizzards, more hearts and the like). I'm excited to see what I can do with it. I love eating tongue - it's so tender and flavourful, although my tongue experiences thus far have been limited to ox tongue and duck tongues. Luckily, I have my 1962 edition of the Joy of Cooking to help me through it. Gotta love the Joy of Cooking - they'll probably advocate that I nap the tongue in some weird, retro-French master sauce, but at least it'll give me some tips on how best to prep the organs. We also got some pepperettes and a summer sausage made from random meat from R's hunting spoils - the summer sausage has beef, duck, Canada goose, venison and other random goodies in it and it's DELICIOUS.

Some food roundup -
Dinner with P before we left for the farm - corn sauté, pan-seared cured pork chops, green salad

Dessert for P - peach-blueberry crisp with whipped cream

Farm food: T-bone steaks (local, Walkerton meat), green salad, broccoli slaw

Farm breakfast: bacon, eggs, homefries

Blueberry sour cream pie

Today is a laundry, back-to-reality day as we ready ourselves for the arrival of Miss Ramona, who will be spending 3 days with us at Camp Leslieville. My mum is also having us take care of my Poh Poh all day tomorrow - which should be interesting - it kind of limits what we can do but I figure we'll stick around the neighbourhood and go for bike rides or swimming or something. Additionally, Dr. Rei is coming over this afternoon for some fun time.

Here is a bonus video of the Dotytron's turkey intimidation tactics. I find this HILARIOUS - there was one female turkey in particular who was quite bold and kept freaking out Ehmdo by chasing us and the Dotytron would do his weird technique and had me howling:


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