Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Canadian National Exhibition

Squeee! So excited! We're headed to the CNE in the late afternoon - my first time in oh, I don't know, like 27 years or something. I can't wait to stuff myself silly with fair food.
The new routine is going well - we managed to watch an episode of Friday Night Lights while I did yoga AND we were safely ensconced in bed by 10pm. The perfect time to give us a bit of pre-bed reading/debriefing time and get a good night's rest. We're also trying to do a healthier eating routine. To that end, last night I made us a Nicoise salad with a poached egg on top, followed by a blueberry sour cream pie square with a small (for me) dollop of whipped cream:

We spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon playing in the sprinkler with the neighbours. It was fun times. Also: the Boobla Khan STOOD UP BY HIMSELF (without holding onto anything)!!! He wasn't even thinking about it - just holding a tambourine in one hand he slowly louvered himself with his legs planted far apart and stood for about 10 seconds until I drew everyone's attention to it and then he got all shook one and sat back down again. Such a little star. I don't know how it's possible, but it seems like he's gotten exponentially cuter in the last week or so. We're chalking it down to the fact that he's babbling a lot more and he's getting the concept of jokes and playing peek-a-boo and is just an all-around good times guy.

At the movie on Sunday, SMckay and I also saw a trailer for the upcoming Dreamworks movie, War Horse. About 10 seconds in, SMckay turned to me and said, "I just can't get that excited about a movie about a horse" - which for some reason makes me LOL to no end. If you watch the trailer, you might understand. The horse looks so goddamned dumb. I suspect there might be a lot of horse-specific emotional moments that might not play so well with a non-horse audience.

During Big Yam nap times I've been working on my chevron quilt. Holy cats - talk about a labour of love. It's piecing, trimming, sewing, ironing on repeat times a billion. The mornings have been getting cool in Toronto and we haven't been running the a/c at night - I'm starting to get the knitting urge again, which is nice...I have a long queue of knitted goods to produce.

I will report back with full details of deep-fried goodness.


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