Thursday, August 18, 2011

The bitter sting of discrimination

I spent all yesterday in Elmira with Lolly et al. doing some wedding dress shopping at this bridal boutique in the middle of farm country. It was a fun outing, but I was also the recipient of a VERY frosty reception from some old skool Mennonites at the quilting store in town (and by "town," I mean the one commercial strip for miles.) The women in the store were kind of gawking and shying away from me and SMckay and the proprietor lady was quite curt and dour and refused all my effusive compliments on her store. I was like, WTF ladies - DON'T BE SO UNCHRISTIAN! So SMckay may or may not have nearly knocked over a display of religious greeting cards - no need to be such dicks about it. So I might have not been dressed appropriately for my age in a too-short H&M babydoll and a fierce side French braid that snaked around my head - them Mennonite b***hes shouldn't be so jelly of my acres of tanned, brown, not-so-toned skin. It's just flesh! Relax gurlz!

Tuesday night's outing with Dr. Rei and Montréal I and the roomie was fun - we had dinner at Gourmet Burger Co. and then went to our movie. I also picked up some new pants for work - high waisted trouser cut jeans (sshhhh...don't tell HR!) in an intense blue-black:

I really want to sharpen up my work wardrobe. I've been coasting since graduating from school and I want to get serious about my work style - since that's where I spend the majority of my time anyway. For the fall, I'm thinking sweater dresses with boots and a crisp white dress shirt underneath. Sleeveless, 60s looking dresses in black and grey with a brightly coloured turtleneck, tights, and open toed sandals with a chunky heel. Trouser cut pants with a tucked in shirt, a colourful cardigan and a contrasting skinny belt. Some new flats and a new purse that says grown-up.

Crazy, Stupid, Love was aight. I don't think it's deserving of the critical praise being heaped on it. It's being touted as a mature love story but it's not that mature. The story centres around Cal Weaver, who is 20-odd-years into a marriage with Julianne Moore's character and has gotten depressingly complacent - to the point where his wife has an affair and wants a divorce. Broken and lost, he ends up frequenting a bar where a slick lothario in the extremely-easy-on-the-eyes form of Ryan Gosling takes him under his wing for lessons in how to mack the ladies and get his groove back. There's also Emma Stone as Hannah - a lawyer who is awkward in all things relationship and who catches the eye of Ryan Gosling. An unnecessary subplot involves Cal's babysitter's immature lust for Cal and Cal's son's unrequited love for the babysitter. The interwoven plot reaches at times with the tidiness of the interrelationships and some stories are more compelling than others. The tone breaks between farce and more tender, realistic moments and I found the shifts for cheap laughs jarring. Overall, it was okay, but definitely felt over-long at certain moments and didn't deliver on the laughs.

We saw the movie in the Varsity VIP room which costs more (the timing was better for our respective schedules) and which has stupid benefits like: bigger seats, seats set up in pairs with crappy cheap plastic side tables separating the groups, and someone taking your order and delivering your snacks to you. For like, $20 a ticket on a regular night. LAME! They also only show 2 movie previews which is the

Tonight I'm going with Dr. Rei to the premiere of One Day which is based on a fairly meh novel by David Nicholls featuring 2 intensely irritating and unlikable protagonists that got an undeserved amount of good reviews/press and which my academic Book Club has chosen as their next title, alongside John Updike's Couples (the theme is monogamous pairings, apparently) which I haven't picked up from the bibliotheque yet but which I anticipate will be mad borzorz. We shall see what the night brings. This is after my friend P who is in town from Egypt comes over for the earliest dinner of all time, which makes him extremely accommodating considering I had originally totally bumped him to go to this movie with Dr. Rei until I realized that I COULD HAVE IT ALL by eating dinner at 4pm. Yay!

Tomorrow we're headed off for our last road trip of the summer - to R & R Acres. Big Yam at the Farm (the other farm - like, the real working farm, and not Lolls' farm)! Ehmdo is coming too! Fun!

In the meantime, imma leave you with this video of the Big Yam eating a piece of corn on the cob which is kind of hilarious, mostly because he does this awesome thing where he holds it in his mouth and then blows around it (the sound of him blowing is most obvious at the 1:18 mark):

Doubtful I'll have time to post before I head out - but when I come back, regular posting will resumeth!


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