Monday, July 11, 2011

Yowza wowza.

Busiest summer weekend to date. Holy cats, this was epic. I'm going to recap things chronologically. Thursday night's dinner - torched salmon sashimi rice bowl with spicy mayo, based on something I ate at Guu Saka bar. There, they make these little cream cheese balls and then lay a thin slice of salmon on top and torch it with a blowtorch so that it's lightly seared - the singed tips of the salmon chunks have a deliciously charred flavour, which contrasts really nicely with the cool, limpid, raw salmon underneath. Delicious!

Friday night we had softball (we won! Finally!) where we broke our diamond 2 curse (we consistently get placed on the s***iest diamond in this park and lose every game), but only because we were playing on a new diamond. The rest of the games are on diamond 2, so we'll see how we fare. I'm turning into quite the second baseman, if I do say so myself. I like playing the same position because it's a lot easier to learn the game this way - I only have to think about certain plays and get my reflexes in gear for one position, instead of switching it up all the time. Second base is perfect for me because I don't have the arm to get stuff in from the outfield in time - although I do miss catching those pop flys. I'm also helped by having the best rover possible backing me up. I also tried my hand at pitching for the first time - we have a rotation of 3 pitchers but if the batting order is just so, then they get called up and we're screwed - so I pitched one inning - it was pretty boss. I feel like my bocce experience helps me and I did pretty good - it's kind of a big deal because none of the other teams have female pitchers.

After the game we went to our teammates' B & M's condo for a bbq. This is what it looks like late Friday, after a few hours of drinking on the diamond and drinking at a bbq:

Sloppy. Late night for us and the Big Yam. Saturday morning woke up at the crack of dawn to put together final preparations for demo day. It was epic and heart-warming in equal measure. Dudes from the street came to lend a hand with tools and smashing stuff, compelled by the seemingly genetic guy-need to smash things to smithereens and to make things with their own two hands. The delivery of the disposal bins created much interest on the street and everyone came together to lend a hand. Tillers, Uncle Jesse, our Discerning Coyote friend, B, Gaz, and this guy Big Dave together took down our deck roof and the raccoon brothel/former sweatshop that was our garage. Here are some before and afters:

Crazy, huh? It's so spacious back there! Nevermind that we're probably going to rebuild a shed/studio for the Dotytron over the space, for now, we have a prime location to hold cock fights or to put a rusted down Trans Am up on blocks. We can make an ice rink in the winter or an outdoor kitchen in the summer. It's pretty great and already makes the space so much nicer and more usable. We can't thank those guys enough.

While the Dotytron was heading up that operation, I was representing our family at a party for the Dotytron's Uncle's 1 year anniversary of receiving a kidney transplant (kidney donated from his sister). Truth be told, I think I had the harder job - hanging with the outlaw family all day in the sun with the Big Yam. I did miss smashing things but it was nice to see the family. So we were gone all day up in Aurora from 11:30 until 6pm. I came home, packed up a dinner for the Big Yam and then toted him to a housewarming party for our friends M & M, who bought a place around the corner from us. Stayed there for an hour and then got picked up by the Dotytron for an impromptu dinner with our friends B & G and S & P at Aravind on the Danforth. The restaurant specializes in southern Indian, specifically Keralan, cuisine, which is VERY different from a lot of the northern Indian and Pakistani food that's de rigeur in Toronto. Much lighter, lots of seafood. The food was prepared with care and attention to plating (rare for Indian cuisine, I find), and served al fresco on a lovely, private patio out back. It was a great way to end what had been a VERY long day. Big Yam was a trooper beyond compare.

That's my crab cake appetizer and the Dotytron's pickerel main with cassava. So good! We were both EXHAUSTED by the end of Saturday. We had each put in a very long day, but I'm so glad we got to end it by having a nice dinner out with dear friends. I love those guys.

The name of the game on Sunday was sleeping in, eating Swedish pancakes and bacon, cleaning the house, tidying up outside, hanging with the neighbours, and putting the fake tattoo that comes with our box of freezies on the Boobla's chest - so badass. As Hanbo pointed out, the freezie mascot looks like old skool Chris Bosh. Then Dr. Rei and Hanbo and Dr. Rei's bro came over for a swim and then Bwong came over and we hit some balls with our Louisville slugger and played catch at the diamond and then met up with the Roomie for dinner at Florida's on Pape - which is a classic Greek diner style place where they do rotisserie lamb and pork and sell it by the kilo and serve beer in little glass cups. Super cute, kind of divey, but a fantastic dinner deal

And that, my friends, was my weekend. Now I've got to catch up on a million things - calling daycares, filing, finishing a stupid take home exam for my stupid program, getting details in order to go to Cleveland, etc. etc.


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