Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A quickie...

had our first dip in the pool yesterday - LOVE OUR POOL! LOVE IT! LOVE IT HARD! What's better than a free pool a 2 minute walk away? Answer: NOTHING! NOTHING IS BETTER IN THE SUMMER!

Pingy and I took the Big Yam there. He was a little tense - it's only his third time in a pool and he's used to the warm bath waters of indoor pools and not the bracing freshness of an outdoor pool. It was so much fun. Pingy also did a Uniqlo run on behalf of the Dotytron's work wardrobe which makes her the best of the best of the best. She just got a gig teaching high school math at this super crazy private school on the upper east side of NYC. Fancy pants! So Gossip Girl!

I love Pingy. She's so cute and nice and fun and patrician. LOL! I made dinner and we packed it up with us and ate it on my roomie's deck. It was grilled Vietnamese pork meatballs on a rice noodle salad with cucumber, carrots, lettuce, scallions, and mint doused in homemade nuoc cham:

For dessert I made us strawberry shortcakes on sugared biscuit filled to the brim with Ontario strawberries. Ontario strawberry season is almost over and it makes me sad!!! Don't go, Ontario strawberries, don't go! I'll miss you so! I'm going to feverishly buy up as many as I can before the go away. Is it a bad foodie confession to admit that I don't use them in jams and jellies? I always use California produce because I feel like the sugar in jams masks the flavour of the Ontario goodness anyway. So Ontario strawberries get the baked in desserts or eaten out of hand treatment in my house.

Anyway, we have a big day today - bocce at work and then meeting my friend M and her baby C at Riverdale Farm, then picking up our CSA and then swimming again and then hanging out with Pingy and the roomie. Phew!



Nicole said...

omg I love our city outdoor pool so hard and it's not even free or on my street. I'm goin there at lunch today. your strawberry shortcake looks killer. xo

Big Yam's Auntie said...

So jealous of the pool as I sit in my office overwhelmed by work. Plus that strawberry shortcake looks amazing!!!!!!!!!