Thursday, July 28, 2011


Here are some photos from recent travels and sojourns. This is the Dotytron and T as another public pool/wading pool in our 'hood:

Some photos from our exciting adventure in stinky tofu land, aka "T & T Nightmarket":

My people love them some giant toast (see the "giant toast" dessert at Phoenix for reference.) This stand was selling toast fingers with all kinds of crazy flavorings - we got the coffee caramel one:

This place was selling store bought ice cream with some fairly pedestrian toppings. I think they were getting mad traffic because they hopped on the bacon bandwagon AND because of the cutesy graphics and names for items (my people have no resistance to the cutesy! None!):

We got a "ninja panda" - which is black sesame ice cream with condensed milk and sugared crushed peanuts. I got her to add some coconut - but this was pretty ho-hum all things considered:

Tuesday night's dinner was tuna macaroni salad with a raw beet, apple, and horseradish salad alongside some blanched beans in a sharp mustard vinaigrette:

This is a photo of the Big Yam rocking the very Frrraaanche swimsuit JSculls bought for him - he modeled it for the first time at our pool hang yesterday - looking pretty cute!

We had the outlaw parents babysit so that the Dotytron could take me out for an early birthday dinner. We went against our gut instinct (our gut instinct is to ALWAYS go to Guu or Guu Sakabar) and tried a new place in the neighbourhood, Le Canard Mort, which is owned by the same people who own Le Rossignol, also in the neighbourhood. It was so-so. The service was a little scattered and inexperienced. One of the servers was too busy chatting up a regular about inane things to notice that we were ready for drink refills and that we wanted our check. I also took the liberty of ordering a cocktail for the Dotytron and inadvertently emasculated him by getting something that didn't come in a lowball glass. I thought a gimlet was a classic, manly drink! How am I supposed to know?!?

This is the girl who didn't understand my neighbour's specification that she was bringing "punch for the adults" to the street party and started took three big gulps of what I thought was juice punch, only to INSTANTLY start to feel a little light headed. BECAUSE IT WAS ABOUT HALF VODKA. I haven't had vodka since an ill-advised trip down puking-vodka-cooler-on-my-friend's-driveway's-lane in grade 11. So of course I got all red-faced and my heart was pounding and I realized I very much DISLIKE the sensation of tipsiness and I yammed a million carbs to soak up the light mist of booze in my belly and went up to our bathroom to splash cold water on my face and drank a million glasses of water to flush out my system. The Dotyron insists that the paranoia of being the slightest bit drunk has a greater affect on me than the actual effects of the alcohol itself. It was precautionary - nothing is more unseemly than a drunk parent at the block party, am I right?

Le Canard Mort was so-so. Kind of ho-hum. We got the sweetbreads appetizer, which is served buffalo chicken style - breaded and deep fried and doused in a buttery-hot sauce. Pros: big chunks of sweetbreads. Cons: the sauce made everything a little to soft undermined the breading. This would have been spectacular if it was crispy.

We also split an order of the potted prawns, which featured chopped prawns swimming in a buttery, rich, cheesy sauce with toast for dipping. This was quite tasty, but you just read the description, so it's a bit of a no brainer. It's like the Obvious Mayor of Obvious Culinary Combinations-ville:

I ordered the duck breast, which, as you can tell from the photo, was delivered well over the medium-rare I was informed (rather smugly I might add) it would be served. I hate that. I hate when the server says to you, "Just to warn you, we serve our duck [lamb, salmon, pork, etc.] medium rare...are you okay with that?" and then they inevitably go over. Actually, it's incredible how that invariably happens - the restaurants where servers tell you that they serve their meat "medium rare" are the ones who have no idea what medium rare is or how to get a protein to that point. The "raspberry sauce" was terrible - literally a glop of barely cooked raspberries that had been mixed with the pan sauces and then pureed - like a glob of unnuanced jam on the poor, unsuspecting duck breast.

The Dotytron ordered the chicken cordon bleu - which he said looked like a melting owl:

True! This was okay. Again it was overcooked (you can see how the breading has separated from the meat because the meat has shrunk from loss of moisture) and under seasoned. The vegetables accompanying our meal though, were perfectly crisp-tender. The desserts were underwhelming to say the least: an earl-grey lavendar creme brulee, lemon shortbread with chantilly cream, and some chocolate banana cake. I am definitely in NO hurry to go back and we decided we should have gone with our guts - our guts filled with Guu. We ended up getting a key lime pie and a coconut cream pie from the Great Canadian Pie Company and scarfed it at home watching Friday Night Lights, which is still a damned perfect evening.

It was nice dining a deux though. I like that guy.

Today we're going to see the Dotytron's culminating concert and then doing some more cottage prep.


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