Thursday, July 07, 2011

LL Cool J goes swimming!

Here's a shot of the Big Yam on a family swim...we call him LL Cool J when he wears this sun hat and the brim is down over his eyes:

I've been plugging away at my take home exam these past couple of days. Part 1 is done, Part 2 I'm going to start tomorrow or during afternoon nap today. These past few days have also been about resigning myself to the fact that we're going into debt this summer - maternity leave top up well has run dry and the Dotytron is back to his meagre half-time salary with no possibility of supply teaching gigs to top him up. We saved a good chunk of change, but that's basically all going towards stuff for the Big Yam (I spent $100 on baby gates!) getting our car fixed up for our upcoming Cleveland trip, and the other life stuff that you need to spend money on. It hurts my frugal soul, but what can you do? I'm not even thinking about the tuition payment in September or my pension payments for the time when I'm not getting topped up. Things are looking pretty grim.

It does look like the Dotytron has wrangled enough hooligans to help us demo our garage and the roof of our deck this weekend. You can tell he's a bit nervous about it - he keeps looking for an out (which I'm not giving him.) If we're going to undertake any home improvement this summer, getting rid of the raccoon motel that is our garage is a good one. Then hopefully next year when we've begged and prostrated ourselves before the bank for more money, we can do our kitchen and deck/fence!

In other news: I've started cutting out squares for the quilt I'd like to get done as my summer project. It's going to be a chevron quilt for the Big Yam, in bright orange robot/rocket fabric (from the same line as his crib bumper).

In other other news, my bike kakked out on me on Tuesday, on my way to my lunchtime bocce game! I only made it a few blocks from our house before the gears seized up. Booooo!!! So I had to find a place to take it in to get it fixed. Unfortunately, the closest place I found is this fancy-pants place that sells bikes for racers and triathletes - who were less than impressed with me coming in with my Toronto Police auction repo-special. Serious bikers are the worst. They're such jerks about their Shimano gears and $5000 frames. Why can't they be more inclusive? Serious eaters and music lovers are inclusive! Sheesh. We'll see what the damage is. They charge by the hour and I got them to clean my bike while they're at it. If they do a s**t job on the cleaning I'm going to be mega pissed.

We ate last night's dinner outside, on our neighbour's lawn on a picnic blanket. Our neighbour's kid joined us. Super cute! We had pan-fried smoked, cured pork chops and sweet, creamy, boiled new potatoes from our CSA tossed with creme fraiche and scallions (my new favorite starch) and sugar snap peas steamed and then tossed with sesame oil and fleur de sel (my new favorite veg). So good!

Tuesday night's dinner was that quinoa and brown rice salad with scallions, soft boiled egg, and avocado, dressed with scallion mayo:

This is a video (a short one!) for a change, featuring the little dance the Boobla does when he's grooving on some tunes. We're not particularly fond of the song the cookie jar makes, but we're reassured by the fact that he also does his little butt-bop to Brahms and old skool hip hop and jungle. When the butt-bop is in full swing, it features flappy arms as well:

I love that guy.


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