Wednesday, July 13, 2011


For realsies this time. Finished my final take home exam for my Public Accounting and Finance course, which was as scintillating and uninformative as the course title would suggest. It's kind of alarming how many paragraphs I can fill with sound and fury, signifying nothing. Worked hard on it all day Monday and Tuesday and now I'm DONE! So now I can embark on my weekend in good conscience. What's that you say? The weekend is still three days away? That today is only the proverbial "hump" day? FALSE! My weekend starts today - with a trip to work to celebrate a colleagues 60th birthday (and to eat cake for breakfast!), a visit from Lolly and JSculls (with sweet baby V in tow) so that we can loll around by the pool and eat brunch and otherwise be ladies of leisure, and the inaugural meeting of my Knit Club tonight.

Knit Club features a lot of overlapping members of Academic Book Club - except this time, we bring a crafting/sewing/knitting project and sit around flapping our gums and getting work done at the same time. Fun! I'm toting my sewing machine to start piecing together my blocks for the chevron quilt I'm making for the Big Yam.

A Big Yam, who, quite possibly, is lagging behind on his fine motor skills. We took him in for his 9 month well baby visit (no shots!) where our Doctor asked me a series of questions about his development. He's killing it on the gross motor skills front - crawling, he's been pulling himself up to standing for a while, etc. But fine motor skills? I dunno. Pincer grip? Not so much. Passing an object from one hand to the other? Meh. Putting his arms up to be picked up? Nope. Although I have to say, those skills seem pretty arbitrary. Take waving "bye bye" - we just don't have much of an occasion to do that around these parts. We don't leave him on a regular basis with other people. He's with me all the time! We're past the point of saying "hi" and "bye" - it's like waving hi and bye to your roommate. It just doesn't happen. The Dotytron thinks that he passes an object from one hand to another, but I haven't seen it. And when he wants to be picked up, he crawls over to us and hoists himself up, looking cute. Why isn't looking cute a fine motor skill?

Monday was a bit of a rough day. I was feeling stressed about the pinch on our finances, about some drama with my bros, and to cap it all off, I received a letter from my bio dad saying that after the series of dramas we've been having for the past few months (which I had thought we had come to a workable resolution to at our last in person meeting in early July), his wife had informed him that that she would divorce him if he continued to see us and that the stress and upheaval weren't worth it to him. So I guess I'm effectively estranged from my big poose of a bio dad. And the Big Yam will have seen him all of one time in his life, and that when he was less than a month old. Ah well. It's not like the Big Yam's missing much. I will say that at our last meeting, when I questioned why my dad wanted to be involved with us at all, seeing as how his interest in us was diffident at best, he said that he wanted to keep tabs on the Big Yam because from the first time he saw the Boobla, he could read his future on his face (there's a Chinese expression for it) and that the Big Yam was/is/will be destined for a "remarkable" future and remarkable things. When he said that, I flashed to images of the Big Yam looking like this:

and like this:

and I was like, "remarkable? Really?" LOL. I'm kind of sad about the whole thing - I think it's unfortunate but ultimately, it's my dad's loss. I feel sorry for him and his sad, lonely life, where these are the kinds of choices you make.

Onto a happier subject: tomorrow we're leaving to visit H & A for a long weekend in Cleveland! Yay! H has apparently planned our weekend down to the minute. According to him, Cleveland is actually pretty cool (for a weekend) and he wants every second to count. Friday night we're apparently going to some 20s style speakeasy party under a bridge. How cool is that? Love those guys - can't wait! Road trip!

Onto even more happier subjects: dinner! Tuesday night I made us a seared steak caesar salad:

Last night we had breaded and fried tilapia fingers with homemade tartar sauce and a red cabbage/scallion slaw:

Tonight the plan is lamb burgers with some kind of salad.


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