Thursday, July 21, 2011

Do you

The new favorite saying around here revolves around variations of "do you." As in: "Do me?!? Do YOU." Or, when I'm complaining about somebody/something the Dotyron likes to say: "She's doing her right now, you focus on doing you." LOL. Love it. Words to live by.

In good news: our Cleveland pictures came back from the ether!!! Huzzah! I've put them pon the FB - don't know how to put them on Google+ yet but when I do, they will magically appear.

We had Poh Poh and my mum over for dinner last night. I made us that grilled Vietnamese pork meatballs with rice noodle salad dish - nice and cool for a HOT day. For dessert I buttered and grilled slices of pound cake and then topped it with grilled figs and a maple-syrup sweetened whipped thickened yogurt:

It's hotter than a witch's butt out there today. I spent most of yesterday driving around to three (!!!) Canadian Tire locations on an agonizing search for air conditioners. First Canadian Tire was out of stock, even though the website showed in stock. They check their system and tell me to go to Canadian Tire #2 in North York, which purportedly has NINETEEN of the model that I'm looking for. I show up, and OF COURSE they don't have it. So they send me up to Richmond Hill where I finally get it, but not until I've wasted like, 3 hours driving around town dealing with inept retail staff. I was so mad I left a poop-filled diaper in the parking lot of Canadian Tire #2. They're lucking I didn't chuck it at the front doors.

Then we drove back downtown. I needed rice noodles to make the dinner, so since I already had the car I figured I'd break my usual, grocery-shopping-at-multiple-stores-on-the-Danny rule and go to the Loblaw's near my house to get the rice noodles and the rest of my groceries for next week. I have a full cart and I can't find rice noodles. BECAUSE THEY DON'T CARRY THEM. BECAUSE THIS LOBLAW'S MUST BE FREQUENTED BY RUBES. I was soooo mad that I left my full cart of groceries to melt in the aisle. WHAT GROCERY STORE IN TORONTO DOESN'T CARRY RICE NOODLES?!!!???? Brutal.

Came home super hot, super mad, super frustrated. Dinner with my mom and Poh Poh helped. That is until my grandma locked our bathroom door on her way out of the bathroom, thereby rendering us bathroomless. We tried picking the lock with paperclips for half an hour before I knocked on my neighbour's door and he went to town and busted the handle with a pair of vice grips. Lesson learned - better that it happen now before the Big Yam locks himself in one day. It's just the motivation we need to get those glass handles on our doors, stat.

I'm supposed to hang out with my friend M and her baby C today...but it might be too hot to do anything but loll around in the a/c reading books. We'll see. I'm also supposed to head out to get some grocery shopping done...but it's already hot as a mother out there, so I might avoid until tomorrow. I have a passel of book reviews to do - I've been reading up a storm and don't plan on stopping anytime soon, what with two weeks at the cottage looming. Wahoo! Two weeks, mother effers! Although I will miss my Dr. Rei something fierce.

I'm deep in the middle of trimming up my chevron blocks for my quilting project - I'd really love to take my sewing machine to the cottage if it was at all feasible...then I'd be able to get my quilt top finished sometime during the two weeks...hopefully. At this point, the car is so packed to the tits it's not going to be likely.


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dr. rei said...

I will be missing you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111