Tuesday, June 07, 2011

X-Men: I *heart* Michael Fassbender

As my sister so dutifully noted, I neglected to review X-Men: First Class yesterday. We watched it on Saturday at the local Geneseo theatre. My capsule review: I love Michael Fassbender. And that's enough for me. Look, we're in summer movie mode, the time for heavy thinking is not upon us. Now is the time to watch things explode and see awesome CGI and weep a million tears for one Severus Snape. I had minor quibbles with the film (namely, that some of the mutants had weak-a** powers, like Zoe Kravitz's "Angel" whose mutant power was to be a sexy flying stripper that spits venom), but as an origin story reboot, it was entertaining. McAvoy and Fassbender make for a convincing Xavier and Magneto respectively, although I find Fassbender so compelling I would watch him gazing stonily at a wall for the better part of 2 hours. And he's a blondie! So uncharacteristic. Now, if only he could find himself cast in the Hunger Games movie, my life would be complete.

This is what's amazing about having crew in Hong Kong. Big D's sister, Auntie Mimi got the Big Yam a carved jade (or something) stamp with his Chinese name on it!!! Best. Present. Ever. Behold:

So freakin' bada**! Other good things about Hong Kong crew (and the fact that my mum and Big D just came back from there): hilarious FOB gear. Pictured below, a series of smock/bibs with hilarious "English" like "camot" for "carrot" (courtesy of Favorite Food, top left) and "You Haile Make Me Happy!!!" (bottom left). Not pictured: "I *heart* Sweet Cakes" (with pictures of various sweet cakes) and this other one that has a bunch of burgers and hot dogs smilingly looking out at you. Best! The other best thing is that the Dotytron fully supports dressing the Big Yam like a giant FOB. Whatta guy!

Our goal is to craft the Boobla in the image of our favorite street kid (not a homeless kid, a kid on our street), George. Who is the happiest littlest ESL gaffer you've ever met. He's got a shock of that super-straight, Sonic the Hedgehog jet black hair and is tended to by his grandma and is always just bopping around like he doesn't have a care in the world, wearing monochromatic sweat suits festooned with cutsey animals with astigmatism. We don't get to see him very much, but when we do, the Dotytron and I are always super-happy. It's the sign of a lucky day.

Soooo...plans are afoot for the second annual Street Party and I'm determined not to miss it this year, come hell or high water. Here's the rub: it is tentatively scheduled for the same day as our Supper Club friend's kid's 1 year birthday. Is it bad that I want to skip it and send a nice present and card in our stead? I don't wanna miss the Street Party two years in a row!!! Not when there's an opportunity to show my pot luck supremacy and for the Dotytron to set up a djing rig and rent music gear! There's going to be bbqing and salads and desserts and sprinklers and arts and crafts and other fun times things that I want to be around for. Please tell me I can skip the 1 year old birthday party!!!!!! Pleeeeease???

I personally find it a little buck to go over the top for a 1 year old. They don't remember shiaat! This is probably exacerbated by the fact that we don't have the space to host people for a big to-do and planning an excursion-type birthday party is the pits. Realistically, for the Big Yam, we'll probably just book the private room at Asian Legend and just have immediate family and his guardians...I'm not looking for presents for the little guy, so I'm fine with doing a low key something this year. Although, we did notice while visiting with my sister and the relative toy-riches enjoyed by Little Big Cuz that the Big Yam is being deprived in the playthings department. Like, he doesn't even have a ball. I'm going to fix that shortly.

Last night's dinner, was whole wheat macaroni with peas, lemon, mint, and crème fraiche, alongside a salad of roasted Ontario asparagus atop mixed greens with a roasted garlic-mustard vinaigrette:

Tonight I'm skipping class in favour of spending my time more productively (setting up my bike trailer! Oh...and doing legitimate school work from home. Oh...and watching Game of Thrones) and we're eating a vegetable coconut curry with steamed brown rice (pics to follow).



Big Yam's Aunt said...

No birthday parties until age 5. And then make it one party every 5 years! (We made the mistake of giving miss E a party at age 4 AND 5!). But my Big Yam does need some toys.

dr. rei said...

Make sure you also invite his guardians of gahoole!

Nicole said...

I love the FOB wear. I once had a t-shirt straight from an Italian fleamarket that was all "I love hoop hula"

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